• What Causes Split Ends?

    When your hair seems excessively dry or unhealthy, you may notice the ends splitting. There are a few different reasons this might occur. If it becomes a constant condition of your hair, then speak with your hair stylist soon. She can offer some helpful tips and products to use from your salon near Dallas.

    • Often, people will notice split ends because they use heating appliances to excess. Straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers suck out moisture from your hair. As the hair continues to dry, split ends can occur.
    • Too much hair coloring can cause split ends. The chemicals and dyes used by a hair colorist can mess up the natural moisture and chemicals found in your hair. If you color or highlight your hair often, especially without moisturizing hair products, you may notice split ends.
    • You should never brush or comb your hair violently. This action can cause hair follicles to break and dry out your hair. The dryer your hair becomes, the more likely it will develop split ends.

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  • Pinterest Trends: Checking Out the Top Bridal Hairstyles

    As your wedding approaches, it is time to call up your hair stylist near Dallas. He or she can help you pick out a perfect bridal hairstyle that you will remember for a lifetime. Once you leave the salon for your wedding, you can feel confident in your perfect bridal beauty . bridal - hair - styles

    Messy Buns

    Buns are a classic bridal hairstyle. They can hold up your veil however you choose to wear it, i.e. below or over the bun. Buns are timeless, and they can be used for every medium or long-length haircut, no matter your face shape or dress style. Many hair stylists are finding that brides are requesting “messy” buns over the tight and slicked back look of typical buns. A messy bun will have soft tendrils of hair coming out from the temples. The bun itself will be secure because of various products your hair stylist will use; however, the bun may appear soft and loose against the lower edge of your hairline, toward the nape of your neck.

    Casual Braids

    Many women desire the bohemian look in their wedding. They want flowers in their hair and a soft, flowing look throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Typically, braids make up a bohemian hairstyle, along with soft curls or waves. Brides might have small braids that form a crown around their head. They may also try a fishtail braid down the side of one shoulder. They can even incorporate the braid into a beautiful up-do with or without a bun. There are several different braids and styles that your hair stylist can try when you visit the beauty salon before your wedding.

    Retro Curls

    What woman does not want to look like a Hollywood bombshell, at least once in her life? Large, sultry curls cascading down one shoulder is always a classic wedding look. Taken from the Golden Age of Hollywood and popular 1940s hairstyles, loose waves and curls will always get you noticed, especially by your new husband.

  • How Your Eating Habits Affect Your Hair

    If you have been looking for more ways to have healthier hair, then ask your hair stylist what foods you should or should not incorporate into your diet. What you put into your body has a profound effect on how your skin and hair look. Thankfully, there are foods and nutrients that can help, as well as many products at your hair salon near Dallas . healthy - hair

    Protein Makes Your Hair Healthier

    Protein is one of the most important components to any healthy diet, but it is especially important to forming and protecting your hair. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. If you continually feed it strong and healthy proteins through your diet, then your hair will continue to be strong and thick.

    Vitamins A and C Keep Your Hair Strong and Shiny

    Vitamin C is essential to a healthy immune system, but it also keeps your hair from breaking. Vitamin A can help bring some shine to your hair. These vitamins, or ingredients that contain them, are often found in haircare products located at your hair salon.

    Zinc and Iron Keep Your Hair from Breaking

    Iron is another nutrient that can strengthen your hair. It is absorbed more easily when combined with vitamin C. Zinc helps form keratin, the main protein that makes up your hair. Without sufficient zinc in your diet, your hair may look and feel dull and brittle. Many women and men will get keratin treatments at their salon; this treatment reduces frizz and helps restore the hair to a healthy shine.

    Omega-3s Moisturize Your Scalp and Hair Follicles

    Omega-3 fatty acids are a great addition to every diet. These fatty acids help keep skin smooth and moisturized as well as reduce inflammation. The benefits of omega-3s extend to the top of your head, as well. With a diet rich in omega-3s, your scalp will be healthier and more moisturized. This can help prevent hair loss because the scalp will not become dry or inflamed.

  • Can Pregnant Women Get Their Hair Colored?

    Many women fear the chemicals associated with hair dye when they are pregnant, but hair coloring near Dallas does not need to be scary or off-limits when you are pregnant. If you have further concerns, consult your doctor and hair stylist about the different ways you can still achieve a new look and protect your unborn baby at the same time.

    There has been insufficient evidence to show that hair coloring used while pregnant can damage the fetus. The amount of chemicals in the hair dye are not sufficient to enter your skin and reach the baby. It is suggested that you can get your hair colored while you are breastfeeding, as well.

    If you are concerned about any potential harm coming to your baby, there are ways you and your hair stylist can keep the chemical exposure to a minimum. First, make sure the beauty salon or space you are using is well-ventilated. Second, choose highlights over a full color change. This will limit the chemical exposure and still give you a new look. Lastly, look at alternative hair coloring options, such as henna or vegetable dyes.

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  • Fight the Frizz: What It Is and How You Can Beat It

    Frizz rarely makes for a good look. It is difficult to tame, especially for those with curly hair, and it can get out of control in humid weather. When visiting your hairdresser in Dallas, you can end your frustration with frizz. While your stylist will be the best resource for understanding your hair , there are some general guidelines that can help you fight back against frizzy hair.


    Defining Frizz

    Frizz can affect any hair type. Some people, usually those with straight hair, have mild frizz every now and again; others, typically curly-headed people, may have to constantly combat a mop of dry, static-ridden frizzy hair.

    Frizz occurs when the cuticle layer, or outer layer of the hair, becomes raised. This typically happens when your hair is dry and the cuticle layer is trying to absorb any moisture available. This is why people notice their hair becoming frizzy during humid seasons; the cuticle layer is trying to reach that moisture in the air.

    Avoiding Frizz

    The best ways to avoid frizz are to be aware of the products you are putting in your hair, as well as how you are brushing it. Only comb or finger-comb your wet hair, and leave it alone after it has dried. If you must comb your hair after it dries, then wet your fingers or a comb with water. This will help keep any frizz you are already experiencing from progressing.

    When putting products into your hair—such as shampoo, relaxers, and hairspray—keep them to a minimum. These products will dry out your hair, making the frizz worse and leading to brittle hair. Also, look for alcohol-free products, which you can typically find at your hair salon. When in doubt, ask your hairdresser about the best ways to combat your frizz. He or she can recommend products or techniques that will help bring out the best texture in your hair.

  • Wedding Styles for Long-Haired Brides

    Getting your hair done before your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire experience. You can trust your hair stylist to give you the look you have been dying for. Being a bride with long hair is extra-fun, because you and your stylist have more options from which to choose. Suggest these hair ideas to your stylist when you visit the beauty salon in Dallas before your wedding .


    Braided Styles

    Braids are extremely popular these days. Long hair is the perfect medium for creative braid styles. There is plenty of hair to work with, and you can choose from a variety of types of braids. You can choose a luscious, full braid to accent with curls, or perhaps you would like your stylist to use multiple braids to create a unique look. Go with the classic milkmaid braid for a sweet, innocent look, or have your stylist try out a voluminous fishtail braid.


    Pin-up hairstyles have come a long way since they were first all the rage. Yes, you can choose to have a classic pin-up, or you can have some fun with it. A great way to spice up this style is to pin your hair up off to the side, asymmetrically. You can also try to pin it all up high on your head. Pin-ups are perfect for adding hair accessories to, such as tucking in flowers or other foliage. Ask your hair stylist if she has any wedding hair accessories on hand, or bring your own.

    Curls and Waves

    Long, flowing curls look stunning when they are cascading down a wedding dress. You can try a waterfall braid, which is a braid across the back of your head at the top with curls flowing down. Curls look wonderful when you leave them down and when they are pinned up. Ask your hair dresser about soft waves or tight curls to see which she thinks will work best. Your stylist will likely have the tools necessary to give you full and lively curls that will last all day.

  • The Benefits of Balayage

    Many women are requesting that their hair stylists color their hair using the balayage technique. Balayage is a dying style that gives your locks a flowing, naturally colored look. Dye is applied to the surface and only worked into the hair toward the tips, creating a contoured look. You might want to ask your hair colorist in Dallas about it next time you go in for a cut and color. So, you may ask, why is balayage so popular?

    There are many benefits to having your hair dyed the balayage way. First of all, the painted technique gives your hair a sun-kissed look that looks natural. Second, it is more low-maintenance than other coloring styles. It grows out naturally with your hair, so you will have no roots showing, color imbalance, or awkward regrowth line. A balayage dye looks good on any hair and skin type, because it is tailored to the unique hair of the client. Also, the technique can be used to play up your own features, such as your cheekbones.


  • Reasons to Consider Covering Up Your Gray

    You may be surprised to know how many people dye their graying locks. There is no shame in choosing to have your hair colored, no matter your age. If you feel hesitant to see your hair colorist in Dallas , continue reading for some reasons why many women choose to cover their gray.


    Looking Your Age

    Gray hair often happens to people sooner than they would like. In fact, gray hair does not necessarily mean somebody is old. You may feel that your silver hair does not reflect your age. This is a great reason to choose a hair color that you prefer. Your hair stylist may recommend a color that will look good on you. You can also ask which hair colors might help you appear younger, such as light red or blonde. Have fun with your hair, and know that the options are nearly endless.

    Renewing Your Confidence

    When you have a hair style and color you love, it will show. Whether you are going for a job interview, dating someone new, or planning a special event, give yourself a boost of confidence with a new hair color. Don’t let the gray hair appearing on your head hold you back. A quick trip to the hair salon can relieve your worries and help you be the very best that you can be.

    Because You Can

    One of the best reasons to cover up your gray with hair dye is simply because you can! Hair is a great medium with which to express yourself. Just because you reach a certain age does not mean you have to stop dying your hair. You can choose from a wide range of colors. All shades of brown, blonde, red, and in between are available, as well as more far out colors. You can dye your hair unnatural colors, multiple colors, or even have your hair dyed gray. It is all about what makes you feel your best, not what anyone expects of you.

  • How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

    There has been a long debate about how often hair should be washed. Every day, every other day, once a week, or not at all? Depending on which hair stylists you ask, you may get a different answer every time. In the end, though, if you have a trusted hair stylist in Dallas, you should follow her advice.

    The amount of hair washing can depend on the type of hair you have, as well as your personal preference. If you have a really oily scalp or hair, you may need to wash your hair daily. Other hair types might be less prone to oiliness, so shampooing daily may actually hurt your hair more than clean it. Shampoos strip your hair and scalp of the natural oils they produce, so the more you wash, the drier your hair might become. If you notice your hair is breaking or seems extra dry, try to back off an extra day or two between washings. Consult your hair stylist at the beauty salon for specialty products that can help dry or oily hair.

    We have two amazing Dry shampoos:

    Death Valley Dry Shampoo is a quick way to add volume and refresh the hair.

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  • Taking Care of Your Extensions

    Balmain extensions can provide you with a dramatic and gorgeous update to your hairstyle. When you are planning on getting hair extensions near Dallas, you should be sure to talk to your hair stylist about how to care for your extensions after you leave the beauty salon. In order to keep your extensions looking great for as long as possible, there are a few procedures that you will need to follow. For example, long hair extensions need to be carefully brushed every day. Brushing your extensions will prevent tangles and other issues. Along with brushing your extensions, you can also care for them by washing with a quality shampoo. High-quality shampoos will restore the shine to your extensions, without causing breakage or other forms of damage. Finally, when you plan to blow dry your extensions, you should make sure to start by sealing the bonds of your extensions with a low heat setting. By following these care tips, you can get the most out of your beautiful new extensions.


    Kate’s Extension Care

    Balmain extensions can provide you with a subtle or dramatic update to your hairstyle. When you are planning on getting hair extensions near Dallas, you should be sure to talk to your hair stylist about how to care for your extensions after you leave the beauty salon. In order to keep your extensions looking great for as long as possible, Kate recommends you follow a few simple rules.

    Brushing your extensions …Kate can’t stress this one enough! Extensions need to be brushed everyday. Brushing your extension everyday will prevent damaging tangles and other issues.

    High-quality shampoos will restore the shine and moisture to your extensions, without causing breakage by adding to much protein or leaving the hair feeling waxy.

    Finally, when you plan to blow dry your extensions, you should make sure to start by sealing the bonds of your extensions with a low heat setting.

    By following Kate’s simple care tips, you can get the most out of your beautiful new extensions.