Frizz rarely makes for a good look. It is difficult to tame, especially for those with curly hair, and it can get out of control in humid weather. When visiting your hairdresser in Dallas, you can end your frustration with frizz. While your stylist will be the best resource for understanding your hair , there are some general guidelines that can help you fight back against frizzy hair.


Defining Frizz

Frizz can affect any hair type. Some people, usually those with straight hair, have mild frizz every now and again; others, typically curly-headed people, may have to constantly combat a mop of dry, static-ridden frizzy hair.

Frizz occurs when the cuticle layer, or outer layer of the hair, becomes raised. This typically happens when your hair is dry and the cuticle layer is trying to absorb any moisture available. This is why people notice their hair becoming frizzy during humid seasons; the cuticle layer is trying to reach that moisture in the air.

Avoiding Frizz

The best ways to avoid frizz are to be aware of the products you are putting in your hair, as well as how you are brushing it. Only comb or finger-comb your wet hair, and leave it alone after it has dried. If you must comb your hair after it dries, then wet your fingers or a comb with water. This will help keep any frizz you are already experiencing from progressing.

When putting products into your hair—such as shampoo, relaxers, and hairspray—keep them to a minimum. These products will dry out your hair, making the frizz worse and leading to brittle hair. Also, look for alcohol-free products, which you can typically find at your hair salon. When in doubt, ask your hairdresser about the best ways to combat your frizz. He or she can recommend products or techniques that will help bring out the best texture in your hair.