• What Causes Split Ends?

    When your hair seems excessively dry or unhealthy, you may notice the ends splitting. There are a few different reasons this might occur. If it becomes a constant condition of your hair, then speak with your hair stylist soon. She can offer some helpful tips and products to use from your salon near Dallas.

    • Often, people will notice split ends because they use heating appliances to excess. Straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers suck out moisture from your hair. As the hair continues to dry, split ends can occur.
    • Too much hair coloring can cause split ends. The chemicals and dyes used by a hair colorist can mess up the natural moisture and chemicals found in your hair. If you color or highlight your hair often, especially without moisturizing hair products, you may notice split ends.
    • You should never brush or comb your hair violently. This action can cause hair follicles to break and dry out your hair. The dryer your hair becomes, the more likely it will develop split ends.

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  • Can Pregnant Women Get Their Hair Colored?

    Many women fear the chemicals associated with hair dye when they are pregnant, but hair coloring near Dallas does not need to be scary or off-limits when you are pregnant. If you have further concerns, consult your doctor and hair stylist about the different ways you can still achieve a new look and protect your unborn baby at the same time.

    There has been insufficient evidence to show that hair coloring used while pregnant can damage the fetus. The amount of chemicals in the hair dye are not sufficient to enter your skin and reach the baby. It is suggested that you can get your hair colored while you are breastfeeding, as well.

    If you are concerned about any potential harm coming to your baby, there are ways you and your hair stylist can keep the chemical exposure to a minimum. First, make sure the beauty salon or space you are using is well-ventilated. Second, choose highlights over a full color change. This will limit the chemical exposure and still give you a new look. Lastly, look at alternative hair coloring options, such as henna or vegetable dyes.

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  • The Benefits of Balayage

    Many women are requesting that their hair stylists color their hair using the balayage technique. Balayage is a dying style that gives your locks a flowing, naturally colored look. Dye is applied to the surface and only worked into the hair toward the tips, creating a contoured look. You might want to ask your hair colorist in Dallas about it next time you go in for a cut and color. So, you may ask, why is balayage so popular?

    There are many benefits to having your hair dyed the balayage way. First of all, the painted technique gives your hair a sun-kissed look that looks natural. Second, it is more low-maintenance than other coloring styles. It grows out naturally with your hair, so you will have no roots showing, color imbalance, or awkward regrowth line. A balayage dye looks good on any hair and skin type, because it is tailored to the unique hair of the client. Also, the technique can be used to play up your own features, such as your cheekbones.


  • Why You Should Visit a Salon to Color Your Hair

    If you’re considering hair coloring in Dallas , you should visit a professional hair colorist at a hair salon. When you visit the best hair colorist in Dallas, you can be assured that your new hair color will look beautiful, and last longer than at-home hair coloring products. Here are some reasons you should visit a hair colorist at a hair salon for your new hair color.


    A Hair Colorist Knows How to Achieve the Exact Color You Want

    Over-the-counter hair coloring products don’t always come out like the picture on the box, and your results will vary drastically depending on your hair’s current color and condition. Professional hair colorists at beauty salons have years of training and experience in applying hair color. When you visit a hair salon with a picture of the hair color you want, your hair colorist or hairdresser will know how to achieve that exact color.

    Professional Hair Coloring Products Last Longer

    The hair coloring products available at drug stores are not the same quality as ones used by hair colorists in beauty salons. Your hair colorist will use professional hair coloring products that will last much longer than over-the-counter alternatives. Your hair colorist can also give you expert advice as to how to maintain your new hair color so that it lasts even longer. They will also improve the condition of your hair, and ensure that the hair coloring products used don’t cause any damage.

    You’ll Get Expert Advice on the Right Color for Your Skin Tone

    While your hair colorist will be happy to apply any hair color you desire, she can also give you expert advice on the perfect color for your skin tone. If you want a change, but aren’t sure which color is best for you, she can show you an array of options. It’s hard to find the right color in a box dye, but a hair colorist at a hair salon can show you swatches and examples so you’ll know exactly how the color will look against your skin.

  • Reasons to Consider Covering Up Your Gray

    You may be surprised to know how many people dye their graying locks. There is no shame in choosing to have your hair colored, no matter your age. If you feel hesitant to see your hair colorist in Dallas , continue reading for some reasons why many women choose to cover their gray.


    Looking Your Age

    Gray hair often happens to people sooner than they would like. In fact, gray hair does not necessarily mean somebody is old. You may feel that your silver hair does not reflect your age. This is a great reason to choose a hair color that you prefer. Your hair stylist may recommend a color that will look good on you. You can also ask which hair colors might help you appear younger, such as light red or blonde. Have fun with your hair, and know that the options are nearly endless.

    Renewing Your Confidence

    When you have a hair style and color you love, it will show. Whether you are going for a job interview, dating someone new, or planning a special event, give yourself a boost of confidence with a new hair color. Don’t let the gray hair appearing on your head hold you back. A quick trip to the hair salon can relieve your worries and help you be the very best that you can be.

    Because You Can

    One of the best reasons to cover up your gray with hair dye is simply because you can! Hair is a great medium with which to express yourself. Just because you reach a certain age does not mean you have to stop dying your hair. You can choose from a wide range of colors. All shades of brown, blonde, red, and in between are available, as well as more far out colors. You can dye your hair unnatural colors, multiple colors, or even have your hair dyed gray. It is all about what makes you feel your best, not what anyone expects of you.

  • Signs You’re Ready to Change Your Hair Color

    Hair is a constantly growing and changing part of the body, so why should hair color be any different? Any good hair stylist will tell you that hairstyling and choosing a new hair color is an adventure. Here are some signs you are in need of an adventure in hair coloring near Dallas .


    You Fantasize About Other Colors

    One of the clearest ways to tell you want something new is when you constantly fantasize about it. If you see someone with that bold red hair color you have always wanted, and you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s clear you are in need of a change. Don’t dream about other colors; go to your hair stylist and live with that dream color.

    You’re Sick of Your Current Color

    When you compare hair colors with your friends, and your response is always “this old thing,” you should probably head to the beauty salon right away. Living with the same hair color, natural or dyed, can become boring. If you are not excited about your reflection, and the beautiful hair color that comes with it, then you should get rid of “this old thing” and bring in the “new and glamorous.”

    You’re in Need of a Change

    There might be many reasons you need a change. You just left a job; you broke up with someone; you lost weight; or you might just be a little bored with life. No matter your reason, if you feel like something needs to change in your life, or something already has changed, then an easy and inexpensive response is to update your hair color.

    You Have a Big Party Soon

    Whether it is your birthday, class reunion, or a friend’s wedding, you want to look good when you stroll up to the party. Updating your hair with a fresh and bold new color is the right way to get everyone’s attention. Your beautiful new hair coloring will be the talk of the party, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t change up your hair sooner.

  • Protecting Your Hair Color from the Sun

    After you’ve seen your hair colorist at your favorite beauty salon in Dallas , you want to keep your new hair color looking vibrant and beautiful. Thankfully, there are some easy tips you can use to keep your hair stylist’s masterful coloring looking brand new.

    Watch the video for a DIY solution you can create to protect your hair color. In the meantime, when you step outside into the sun, wear a hat to protect your hair color. If you don’t like hats, there are protective solutions and oils you can find at your beauty salon. To maintain your hair color, refrain from washing it often. Use dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners that will clean the hair without stripping the color. Lastly, beware of shampoos with sulfates. Ask your hair stylist for recommendations on the best products for your hair color.

  • Highlights and Lowlights: Which Is Right for You?

    Are you looking for a new way to give your hairstyle a fresh look without cutting your long locks? Or perhaps you want to give your new haircut an extra pop. Whether you are visiting a hair salon for an updated look or a whole new hairdo, you should consider talking to your hairdresser in Dallas about highlights and lowlights. Most women are familiar with highlights, but not so sure about lowlights. You’ve likely wondered which is right for you. In most cases, the answer is actually both! Keep reading to have your top questions about highlights and lowlights answered. hairdresser dallas

    What is the difference between highlights and lowlights?

    Instead of a full dye job, your hair colorist may suggest highlights or lowlights to you as a way to give your hair a multi-colored natural look that will accent your best features. Both highlights and lowlights are partial hair dye techniques, meaning only portions of your hair are colored. Highlights use shades lighter than your natural color to give an extra boost of color. Lowlights are darker shades that add more complexity to your hair. For a full-bodied look, highlights and lowlights are often used together.

    How often should you get highlights or lowlights?

    For the best results, it is best to have your highlights and lowlights done at a professional hair salon. To avoid damaged or over processed hair, it is best to limit treatments to four times a year. Some hairstylists may recommend having highlights and lowlights done at the same time; while others will recommend lowlights done every other time highlights are done.

    Who should get highlights or lowlights?

    Highlights and lowlights can add dimension to almost any hairstyle. However, it is usually better for longer hair. If hair is too short, it will look more messy instead of more voluminous. Your highlights and lowlights will depend heavily on your natural hair color. Your hairstylist will be able to recommend colors that will compliment your skin tone and give your hair the look you want.

  • How to Choose a New Hair Color

    Visiting your hair colorist at your local hair salon in Dallas for new hair color can be an exciting, glamorous makeover. Whether your new hair color is subtle or dramatic, the burst of confidence you’ll experience after leaving the hair salon will make you feel like a new person. When you consult with your hair colorist about your new color, you should consider your skin tone and your typical makeup application style. hair colorist in Dallas

    If you have a warm skin tone, a cool-toned hair color will complement you. Examples of cool tones are shades of pale blonde, like champagne, platinum, and ash-blonde; shades of brown or red, like amber or auburn; or cooler Balayage highlights in auburn and brown. If you have a cool skin tone, warm-toned hair colors, like golden blonde, rich chocolate brown, or fiery red, will complement you best.

    You should also consider what shades of makeup you typically wear each day. If you favor bold, bright makeup colors, then a dramatic hair color might be overwhelming. Likewise, if you don’t generally wear makeup, or if you favor soft, subtle colors, you can choose a much brighter, flashier hair color.

  • Comparing Ombre, Sombre, and Balayage

    If you’ve made an appointment at a hair salon with the best hair colorist in Dallas , you might be interested in getting Balayage highlights, ombre or sombre hair color. Each of these hairstyles uses gradient hair color to create a dramatic, gorgeous look. Before visiting a hair colorist near you, take a look at these differences between Balayage highlights, ombre hair color, and sombre hair color.

    balayage highlights Dallas Natural Balayage Highlights

    Hair colorists used to primarily use foils to give their clients highlights, but Balayage highlights are becoming more and more popular at the best hair salons because of their natural look. Hair colorists use a freehand technique to section off pieces of hair and then hand paint them with hair color. The sections are then covered with plastic wrap, rather than foil. Balayage highlights are painted onto more random sections of hair, so the resulting hair color looks much more natural and casual.

    Dramatic and Creative Two-Toned Ombre Hair Color

    Ombre hair color has been a fad at hair salons for quite a while, and a hair colorist can use the technique to create a natural, gradual gradient of color, or a more dramatic and extreme two-toned look. Your hair colorist can use any two hair colors for ombre hair, and your hair can either be lighter on the top and darker on the bottom, or vice versa. Depending upon your preferences, you can ask your hair colorist to leave the top half of your hair in its natural color, and gradually shift to a darker color down the length of your locks. You could also choose to have half of your hair platinum blonde, and the other half a fun, exciting shade like blue, pink, or purple.

    Subtle, Gradient Sombre Hair Color

    Sombre hair color is known as a subtle alternative to the ombre hairstyle. The gradient color or color transitions are typically much more gradual and softer than with ombre. As with ombre hair color, you can ask your hair colorist to be as dramatic or as natural as you’d like.