• Can Pregnant Women Get Their Hair Colored?

    Many women fear the chemicals associated with hair dye when they are pregnant, but hair coloring near Dallas does not need to be scary or off-limits when you are pregnant. If you have further concerns, consult your doctor and hair stylist about the different ways you can still achieve a new look and protect your unborn baby at the same time.

    There has been insufficient evidence to show that hair coloring used while pregnant can damage the fetus. The amount of chemicals in the hair dye are not sufficient to enter your skin and reach the baby. It is suggested that you can get your hair colored while you are breastfeeding, as well.

    If you are concerned about any potential harm coming to your baby, there are ways you and your hair stylist can keep the chemical exposure to a minimum. First, make sure the beauty salon or space you are using is well-ventilated. Second, choose highlights over a full color change. This will limit the chemical exposure and still give you a new look. Lastly, look at alternative hair coloring options, such as henna or vegetable dyes.

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  • Signs You’re Ready to Change Your Hair Color

    Hair is a constantly growing and changing part of the body, so why should hair color be any different? Any good hair stylist will tell you that hairstyling and choosing a new hair color is an adventure. Here are some signs you are in need of an adventure in hair coloring near Dallas .


    You Fantasize About Other Colors

    One of the clearest ways to tell you want something new is when you constantly fantasize about it. If you see someone with that bold red hair color you have always wanted, and you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s clear you are in need of a change. Don’t dream about other colors; go to your hair stylist and live with that dream color.

    You’re Sick of Your Current Color

    When you compare hair colors with your friends, and your response is always “this old thing,” you should probably head to the beauty salon right away. Living with the same hair color, natural or dyed, can become boring. If you are not excited about your reflection, and the beautiful hair color that comes with it, then you should get rid of “this old thing” and bring in the “new and glamorous.”

    You’re in Need of a Change

    There might be many reasons you need a change. You just left a job; you broke up with someone; you lost weight; or you might just be a little bored with life. No matter your reason, if you feel like something needs to change in your life, or something already has changed, then an easy and inexpensive response is to update your hair color.

    You Have a Big Party Soon

    Whether it is your birthday, class reunion, or a friend’s wedding, you want to look good when you stroll up to the party. Updating your hair with a fresh and bold new color is the right way to get everyone’s attention. Your beautiful new hair coloring will be the talk of the party, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t change up your hair sooner.

  • Protecting Your Hair Color from the Sun

    After you’ve seen your hair colorist at your favorite beauty salon in Dallas , you want to keep your new hair color looking vibrant and beautiful. Thankfully, there are some easy tips you can use to keep your hair stylist’s masterful coloring looking brand new.

    Watch the video for a DIY solution you can create to protect your hair color. In the meantime, when you step outside into the sun, wear a hat to protect your hair color. If you don’t like hats, there are protective solutions and oils you can find at your beauty salon. To maintain your hair color, refrain from washing it often. Use dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners that will clean the hair without stripping the color. Lastly, beware of shampoos with sulfates. Ask your hair stylist for recommendations on the best products for your hair color.

  • Taking Care of Your Extensions

    Balmain extensions can provide you with a dramatic and gorgeous update to your hairstyle. When you are planning on getting hair extensions near Dallas, you should be sure to talk to your hair stylist about how to care for your extensions after you leave the beauty salon. In order to keep your extensions looking great for as long as possible, there are a few procedures that you will need to follow. For example, long hair extensions need to be carefully brushed every day. Brushing your extensions will prevent tangles and other issues. Along with brushing your extensions, you can also care for them by washing with a quality shampoo. High-quality shampoos will restore the shine to your extensions, without causing breakage or other forms of damage. Finally, when you plan to blow dry your extensions, you should make sure to start by sealing the bonds of your extensions with a low heat setting. By following these care tips, you can get the most out of your beautiful new extensions.


    Kate’s Extension Care

    Balmain extensions can provide you with a subtle or dramatic update to your hairstyle. When you are planning on getting hair extensions near Dallas, you should be sure to talk to your hair stylist about how to care for your extensions after you leave the beauty salon. In order to keep your extensions looking great for as long as possible, Kate recommends you follow a few simple rules.

    Brushing your extensions …Kate can’t stress this one enough! Extensions need to be brushed everyday. Brushing your extension everyday will prevent damaging tangles and other issues.

    High-quality shampoos will restore the shine and moisture to your extensions, without causing breakage by adding to much protein or leaving the hair feeling waxy.

    Finally, when you plan to blow dry your extensions, you should make sure to start by sealing the bonds of your extensions with a low heat setting.

    By following Kate’s simple care tips, you can get the most out of your beautiful new extensions.

  • Are You Thinking about Hair Extensions?

    Dallas hair extensions There are many reasons to visit your local salon in Dallas to get hair extensions. Hair extensions offer a quick, easy way to turn short hair into long hair. If your hair is thinning, hair extensions can make it look fuller and lusher. Extensions can also make damaged hair look healthier. If you’re considering hair extensions, read on to learn more about the process.

    Synthetic Hair Extensions vs. Natural Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions can be created out of synthetic hair or natural human hair. Synthetic hair is less expensive, but it is made out of materials that include plastic. This means that you can’t style it with heat, as it would melt. Synthetic hair also does not look very natural, or last very long, and is harder to care for. It may begin to look messy or tangled after just a few days. Natural hair extensions last longer, and can be styled with heat. It would be almost impossible for anyone to be able to tell that you were wearing hair extensions at all if you opted for natural human hair.

    Quality of Human Hair Extensions

    Extensions made out of human hair range in price depending upon the quality of the hair. Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically processed or colored. Single drawn hair is hair that was gathered with no more than a 2-inch difference in hairs, and double drawn hair is hair that offers uniformity between both ends of the strand. Remy hair is hair that has all strands organized so that the roots are in the same direction.

    How Hair Extensions Are Attached

    You’ll have much more luck making your hair extensions look as natural as possible by having them attached at a top salon by a professional hairdresser . Extensions can be clipped into your hair as a simple, semi-permanent way to enhance your natural hair. They can also be sewn or glued into your hair. If your extensions are sewn in, they are more permanent, and you can sleep in them and style them in many different ways.

  • What You Should Know about Hair Extensions

    Dallas hair extensions Are you looking for a new way to wear your hair? If so, a visit to a salon in Dallas can help give you the new style you’ve been looking for. Many people want their hair to be longer and fuller, but it can take a lot of patience for your hair to grow that way naturally. That’s where extensions can be useful. Extensions add length and volume to your hair, and all they take is one trip to the hair salon. Keep reading to learn what you should know about hair extensions.

    Trust the Professionals

    Extensions can elevate your style when they’re done right. Attempting to put in extensions yourself can be tricky, however, and you might not be able to get the right color or texture on your own. That’s why you should talk to your hairdresser about getting extensions. A professional stylist can help you get extensions that go with your natural hair color, so you can make a seamless transition into the world of long, luxurious hair.

    Go for Quality

    Not all hair extensions are created equal, which is something you will learn quickly if you ever look for extensions at a hair care store. Make sure your stylist is using high-quality extensions so that your look will be natural and beautiful. Quality extensions will also be easier to style, meaning your day-to-day look will be flawless and won’t require you to get up early.

    Take Care

    Getting hair extensions is a commitment, which is why you should know how to take care of them once they’ve been put in at the salon. Many stylists recommend sleeping with a silk wrap over your extensions, or sleeping on a silk pillowcase. This will help protect the hair from drying out and breaking. Your extensions also should not be too tight, as this can cause long-term damage and even hair loss. An experienced hairdresser at a salon will make sure your extensions are applied properly so you can feel confident in the way you look.

  • Reasons to Consider Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions dallas Over the years, hair extensions have changed to fit different styles and newer technology. It is now easier than ever before to have extensions put into your hair and provide a fun, new look in just hours. Some extensions can be removed at home, while others need to be put in and taken out at a salon. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new style from a top hair salon in Dallas , consider these following reasons for getting hair extensions.

    Change Up Your Hairstyle

    The truth is that cutting your hair is much easier and quicker than growing it long, and many hair salon clients wish that this weren’t so. With help from a hairdresser, hair extensions can give you the look you’ve always wanted in one day. You can opt for semi-permanent extensions for a weekend event or wedding, or ones that will last you a long time. You may even want to try adding hair extensions in a fun color to give you a bolder look.

    Enhance Your Natural Hair

    If you find that your hair is thinning, balding in areas, or too fine for your liking, extensions could be a good option for you. Extensions can be put into almost any type and length of hair. They provide a refreshing look and can help with hair that just won’t behave the way you want. Extensions are also good if you have always wanted long hair but can’t grow it past a certain length. Not everyone naturally has thick, long hair, but extensions can provide the volume and length you desire.

    Fully Customize Your Look

    Hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors, lengths, and weights. Talk with your hair stylist about what the best weight and method of attachment will be for you. Then, you can have fun with your extensions! Natural extensions, rather than synthetic, can be dyed any color and styled with heat tools. Extensions can be put in individually to give you a more natural look and fill in places that might need a volume boost.