Visiting your hair colorist at your local hair salon in Dallas for new hair color can be an exciting, glamorous makeover. Whether your new hair color is subtle or dramatic, the burst of confidence you’ll experience after leaving the hair salon will make you feel like a new person. When you consult with your hair colorist about your new color, you should consider your skin tone and your typical makeup application style. hair colorist in Dallas

If you have a warm skin tone, a cool-toned hair color will complement you. Examples of cool tones are shades of pale blonde, like champagne, platinum, and ash-blonde; shades of brown or red, like amber or auburn; or cooler Balayage highlights in auburn and brown. If you have a cool skin tone, warm-toned hair colors, like golden blonde, rich chocolate brown, or fiery red, will complement you best.

You should also consider what shades of makeup you typically wear each day. If you favor bold, bright makeup colors, then a dramatic hair color might be overwhelming. Likewise, if you don’t generally wear makeup, or if you favor soft, subtle colors, you can choose a much brighter, flashier hair color.