• The Makeover.

    the makeover at johnny rodriguez the salon in houston

    Hey gals (and two men that are being forced into skimming this blog, we see you, hi). It’s us, the gorgeous glam squad from Johnny Rodriguez here to talk to you about all things hair. What shimmering topic are we covering today? If you haven’t guessed from the subtle title then we’ll tell you, it’s the words we’ve all said sitting down into our trusty stylist’s chair, “It’s time for a makeover.”

    A makeover, to put it simply, is the exciting notion that we can walk into the salon one person and walk out another (with a trail of glitter following us, of course). You’ve searched google images and pinterest for hours compiling photos of the person you want to be, and guess what, we’re here to help. Will you walk out looking like a Kardashian? Perhaps. But the point is to create a look that is customized entirely to YOU. But we won’t tell anyone if your inspiration picture is in fact, Kim K. 😉 With a few key changes, let us take you from dull to dazzling with the spin of our salon chair.

    Johnny Rodriguez, the owner of Johnny Rodriguez the Salon puts it best when he recounts a memory he has during his early years as a stylist. “I remember when I worked for Jose Eber and he would have certain days dedicated to makeovers. Women would come into the salon and consult with them about a fresh cut and a customized color to pair with it. It was always such a dramatic transformation not only in the way they looked, but the way they lit up afterwards. I’ve loved the concept of a makeover ever since.”

    Now Johnny gets the chance to do this everyday with his own team. And dare we say, we do it better than anyone? With new techniques coming onto the scene every year it’s important to have a team of stylists who are educated on current trends and dedicated to providing the highest level of service. It doesn’t take a village to create a fresh look for someone, it just takes a few talented people who are excited about hair, and more specifically, your hair.

    Well, Congrats! You made it through our first ever blog post. We’re thrilled you’re still with us, and hope you’ll come back for more. What did we learn here today? The idea of a makeover is, well, enchanting, BUT it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right team guiding you along the way you can transform into the beauty you were born to be. We hate goodbyes, so we’ll just leave you with this #breakupwithbadhairdays and book your appointment already, we’ll be waiting (with wine of course).



  • Pinterest Trends: Checking Out the Top Bridal Hairstyles

    As your wedding approaches, it is time to call up your hair stylist near Dallas. He or she can help you pick out a perfect bridal hairstyle that you will remember for a lifetime. Once you leave the salon for your wedding, you can feel confident in your perfect bridal beauty . bridal - hair - styles

    Messy Buns

    Buns are a classic bridal hairstyle. They can hold up your veil however you choose to wear it, i.e. below or over the bun. Buns are timeless, and they can be used for every medium or long-length haircut, no matter your face shape or dress style. Many hair stylists are finding that brides are requesting “messy” buns over the tight and slicked back look of typical buns. A messy bun will have soft tendrils of hair coming out from the temples. The bun itself will be secure because of various products your hair stylist will use; however, the bun may appear soft and loose against the lower edge of your hairline, toward the nape of your neck.

    Casual Braids

    Many women desire the bohemian look in their wedding. They want flowers in their hair and a soft, flowing look throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Typically, braids make up a bohemian hairstyle, along with soft curls or waves. Brides might have small braids that form a crown around their head. They may also try a fishtail braid down the side of one shoulder. They can even incorporate the braid into a beautiful up-do with or without a bun. There are several different braids and styles that your hair stylist can try when you visit the beauty salon before your wedding.

    Retro Curls

    What woman does not want to look like a Hollywood bombshell, at least once in her life? Large, sultry curls cascading down one shoulder is always a classic wedding look. Taken from the Golden Age of Hollywood and popular 1940s hairstyles, loose waves and curls will always get you noticed, especially by your new husband.

  • Finding Your Perfect Wedding Hair Style

    One of the most important parts of your wedding look is your hairstyle. Talk to your hair stylist beforehand, so when you visit your beauty salon in Dallas you can come out looking as beautiful as you feel on your big day.


    Consider the Dress

    Just like there are certain hairstyles you wear with specific outfits, there are hairstyles that work best with different wedding dresses. Often, the neckline of the dress is what needs to be considered. Strapless gowns will typically look good with any sort of hairstyle—bun, straight, curled, etc. If you have a boat neckline, then you will want some sort of up-do to show off as much of your neck as you can. For a V neckline, you will want a flowy hairstyle to match the long lines of the V neck. This can be achieved with a half up half down hairstyle, long curls, or even a loose up-do with tresses of your hair falling down around your face.

    Think About Your Face Shape

    When you went dress shopping, you probably looked for styles that complement your figure. Figuring out your wedding hairstyle involves a very similar process. Your hairstyle should complement the shape of your face, as well as your dress. For example, with a round or heart-shaped face, you can pull off a pixie cut, shoulder-length bob, or long and soft layers. For oval and square-shaped faces, try out a chin-length bob in waves or curls to complement your features.

    Consult Your Hair Stylist

    Your hair stylist is going to be one of your best friends during your wedding planning. She or he is the expert at deciding which hairstyle will look best with your face and your dress. Always schedule a pre-wedding day consultation at the beauty salon. You will use this time to show your stylist pictures of your favorite hairstyles. The two of you can discuss the different hairstyles, and you may decide to do a trial run of your favorite hairstyle during this appointment.

  • Wedding Styles for Long-Haired Brides

    Getting your hair done before your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire experience. You can trust your hair stylist to give you the look you have been dying for. Being a bride with long hair is extra-fun, because you and your stylist have more options from which to choose. Suggest these hair ideas to your stylist when you visit the beauty salon in Dallas before your wedding .


    Braided Styles

    Braids are extremely popular these days. Long hair is the perfect medium for creative braid styles. There is plenty of hair to work with, and you can choose from a variety of types of braids. You can choose a luscious, full braid to accent with curls, or perhaps you would like your stylist to use multiple braids to create a unique look. Go with the classic milkmaid braid for a sweet, innocent look, or have your stylist try out a voluminous fishtail braid.


    Pin-up hairstyles have come a long way since they were first all the rage. Yes, you can choose to have a classic pin-up, or you can have some fun with it. A great way to spice up this style is to pin your hair up off to the side, asymmetrically. You can also try to pin it all up high on your head. Pin-ups are perfect for adding hair accessories to, such as tucking in flowers or other foliage. Ask your hair stylist if she has any wedding hair accessories on hand, or bring your own.

    Curls and Waves

    Long, flowing curls look stunning when they are cascading down a wedding dress. You can try a waterfall braid, which is a braid across the back of your head at the top with curls flowing down. Curls look wonderful when you leave them down and when they are pinned up. Ask your hair dresser about soft waves or tight curls to see which she thinks will work best. Your stylist will likely have the tools necessary to give you full and lively curls that will last all day.

  • The Benefits of Balayage

    Many women are requesting that their hair stylists color their hair using the balayage technique. Balayage is a dying style that gives your locks a flowing, naturally colored look. Dye is applied to the surface and only worked into the hair toward the tips, creating a contoured look. You might want to ask your hair colorist in Dallas about it next time you go in for a cut and color. So, you may ask, why is balayage so popular?

    There are many benefits to having your hair dyed the balayage way. First of all, the painted technique gives your hair a sun-kissed look that looks natural. Second, it is more low-maintenance than other coloring styles. It grows out naturally with your hair, so you will have no roots showing, color imbalance, or awkward regrowth line. A balayage dye looks good on any hair and skin type, because it is tailored to the unique hair of the client. Also, the technique can be used to play up your own features, such as your cheekbones.


  • Wedding Hairstyles for Everyone

    If you’re planning a wedding, you should visit an expert hairdresser at a hair salon for wedding hair and makeup in Dallas . A hairdresser who specializes in wedding makeup and hair can make sure that you and every member of your bridal party look beautiful on your big day. Here is a look at some wedding styles that work for everyone, that you can show the hairdresser or hair stylist at your hair salon.


    Hair Braids and Crowns

    Hair braids and crowns are a wedding hairstyle that works for every face shape. You can ask the wedding hair and makeup hairstylist at your hair salon to create loose braids for you and the members of your wedding party. You can either wear your braids down, or ask your hairdresser to pin them up into crowns on your head. The braids can be adorned with flowers, barrettes, or hair clips to create an even more romantic hairstyle. You can follow this up with a professional makeup application in a soft, rosy palette.

    Soft, Flowing Waves

    Another universally flattering wedding hairstyle is soft, flowing waves. A hairstylist at your hair salon can achieve this look regardless of the length of your hair. You can also consider human hair extensions, Babe extensions, or Balmain extensions to increase the length of your hair to make your curls even more dramatic. If you go to a beauty salon that specializes in wedding hair and makeup, you can accentuate the look with dramatic, smoky eye makeup and nude or natural lip colors.

    Half-Up and Half-Down Hairstyles

    If you’re not sure if you want to commit to a formal up-do for your wedding, you and your bridal party can compromise with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Your hairdresser can provide keratin hair treatments and Brazilian blowouts to ensure that everyone’s hair looks healthy and smooth. She can then pin half of your hair up and away from your face, leaving the rest down. If you have short hair, she can even apply human hair extensions to create enough volume for the hairstyle.

  • Hairstyles for Different Wedding Gown Necklines

    You’ve got the wedding dress, now it’s time to start thinking about accessories. Of course there’s shoes, jewelry, and make-up, but don’t forget to pick the perfect hairstyle. Brides have a number of choices of wedding hairstyles. Find a hair stylist in Dallas who will set up a trial to do a test run before the big day. While you will want a hairstyle that you are comfortable with and compliments you, keep in mind your wedding gown neckline. Based on the style of wedding dress, there are hairstyles that can compliment your gown for a cohesive all over great look.

    There are some wedding gown necklines, such as a strapless gown that will be complimented by just about any hairstyle—updo, bun, wearing your hair down; the list goes on and on. Other necklines, such as a v-neck, draws attention to long, lean lines. Wearing your hair down with a v-neck gown can continue these elegant lines. Let your hairstylist know what neckline your gown is and ask for input on finding the right hairdo to compliment that neckline.


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    Gorgeous for Good cHAIRity Drive During the month of August, Johnny Rodriguez the Salon is hosting the “Gorgeous for Good cHAIRity Drive”
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  • How to Master Your Makeover

    Dallas lifestyle makeover You deserve to look and feel your best, and sometimes, that means treating yourself to a makeover at a salon in Dallas . During your makeover, you’ll be pampered and preened by expert stylists in hair and makeup. In order to get the most out of your makeover, however, it’s a good idea to come in with an open mind so you can learn from the masters.

    Johnny Rodriguez The Salon wants you to look as good at home as you do when you leave through our doors, which is why we offer classes to our makeover clients. Bring your at-home styling tools with you to class, and master stylists will help you figure out what works and what can be put aside. You can learn the proper way to blow-dry your hair, how to style your hair like a pro, and even have a makeup expert visit you at home so you can feel comfortable doing makeup yourself on a daily basis. Makeover packages at our reputable salon can elevate your style to increase your self-confidence every day.