• Protecting Your Hair from Chlorine and Saltwater Damage

    Dallas hair salons see chlorine-damaged hair all summer long. Though hair stylists will try to fix these damaged locks, sometimes chlorine and saltwater are just too strong, especially when you don’t care for your hair properly after swimming. Watch the short video for quick and easy solutions to protecting your hair every time you go in the pool.

    Before you even jump in the pool, you should run some leave-in conditioner through your hair. Immediately after you get out, rinse your hair with fresh water or club soda to get the chlorine or saltwater out. When you wash your hair, use sulfate-free shampoo; you can often find this at a hair salon with recommendations from your stylist. Once a week, deep condition your hair to put some moisture back into it, or, better yet, see your stylist for keratin smoothing treatment.

  • Happier Hour at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon

    Who doesn’t love happy hour? It’s a great way to catch up with friends while enjoying discounted drinks and appetizers. However, going to the same place week after week can become tiresome. What about happy hour at your favorite hair salon in Dallas ? That’s right, for a new way to have a night out with the girls, try Happier Hour at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon.

    At Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, you can take advantage of affordable services while sipping delicious cocktails with Happier Hour on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 3pm to close. Indulge yourself, and your girlfriends, with services from blowouts to keratin hair treatments, all while sipping on your favorite cocktails. Drinks are included in the price of your service. No happy hour is complete without shots, Kérastase Fusio-Dose shots, that is. These one-time shots are applied in the salon and left in hair overnight. Happy hour never looked so good.

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  • Tame Your Unruly Mane with a Keratin Treatment

    If your hair has become frizzy, dry, damaged, and unruly, you may want to visit a hair salon for a keratin complex smoothing treatment. Keratin treatments in Dallas can remove frizz from your hair, while still maintaining your hair’s natural curl and volume. Your hair stylist will simply apply the keratin complex to your hair, and then flat iron it to seal in the keratin hair treatment.

    Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that strengthens the hair, makes it appear shiny, and protects the hair from damage. Frizz can be caused by humidity, certain hair products, extreme hair damage, lack of moisture, and split ends. A keratin complex smoothing treatment restores keratin to your hair’s cuticles, for beautiful, manageable hair.

    Your hair salon may carry various keratin treatment formulas, and your hair stylist will choose the formula that is best for the texture and quality of your hair. Your hair stylist may even use different formulas in different areas of your hair. Regular keratin treatments will shorten your daily hair styling time, keep your hair frizz-free, and improve the overall health and quality of your hair.

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  • What to Know About Keratin Treatments

    keratin-hair-treatment Hair care products and treatments help you get the healthiest, most attractive hair possible. If you are tired of frizz ruining the aesthetic appeal of your hairstyle, you might want to look into some professional treatments. Keep reading how keratin hair treatments in Dallas can help you improve the look and feel of your hair:

    How Keratin Treatments Help

    Your hairstylist can give you keratin treatments to straighten your hair and reduce frizziness. After the treatment, your hair will be smooth and shiny. You must return to the salon for a repeat treatment every four months if you want to maintain this new aesthetically appealing hairstyle. If you decide that you want to go back to your natural curls, you can stop your keratin treatments at any time and wait for the natural texture to reappear.

    How Keratin Treatments Work

    Keratin treatments use a combination of certain chemicals to straighten and smooth the hair. When a qualified professional gives you the treatment, it is completely safe. Do not try to give yourself a keratin treatment, though, or you might not do it safely. You should schedule an appointment at your favorite salon to get this effective straightening treatment.

    How to Tell if a Keratin Treatment is for You

    Keratin hair treatments are perfect for people with tight, frizzy curls that do not respond well to other products. It can even help to smooth out a small amount of waves or just smooth straight hair that is prone to frizz. If you want to get straighter, smoother hair, you should talk to your hairstylist about the keratin hair treatment and whether or not it will give you the results you want.

    How Keratin Treatments Help You

    If you spend a lot of time trying to brush or straighten your hair, getting a keratin hair treatment can save you a lot of time. Even if you walk in the rain or go outside in humid temperatures, the keratin treatment will maintain your straight, frizz-less locks.

  • The Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatments

    Keratin Treatment If you want to have shinier healthier hair, you may want to consider asking your hair stylist in Dallas about keratin hair treatments . A keratin treatment is a semi-permanent chemical process that is designed to infuse the hair shaft with keratin, which is a protein naturally found in hair. Your stylist will then use a hot flat iron to seal the formula into your hair strands. Keratin strengthens hair, making it shinier and more flexible. At Johnny Rodriguez Salon, we love helping our clients eliminate their bad hair days. Here are some of the benefits of keratin hair treatments:

    Say Goodbye to Frizz

    If you experience the daily frustration that comes from having frizzy hair , a keratin hair treatment is a great way to tame your locks. Your hair will stay smooth and beautiful Even when exposed to humid environments, hair treated with keratin will not become frizzy. Treated hair stays smooth and beautiful for two to six months, depending on the specific salon formula and how often you wash your hair.

    Save Time Blow-Drying

    Most people find that getting a keratin treatment is a huge timesaver. In fact, if you’re used to blow-drying and using a flat iron on a daily basis, keratin treatments will save you 40%-60% in drying and styling time.

    Seals in Your Color

    Keratin treatments can be used on natural or chemically treated hair. If you usually color your hair, it’s a good idea to do so right before your keratin treatment. When the keratin is sealed in with a hot iron, your color is also sealed in. The keratin prevents color from fading for the longevity of the treatment.


    Certain keratin formulas can remove up to 70% of curl, and some simply focus on removing frizz. The range of formulas allows for a customizable experience. Some clients choose to ditch their curls altogether, and some opt to simply reduce their curls in favor of a loose beachy look. Different keratin formulas can even be applied to different sections of hair, depending on the desired look.