• Comparing Ombre, Sombre, and Balayage

    If you’ve made an appointment at a hair salon with the best hair colorist in Dallas , you might be interested in getting Balayage highlights, ombre or sombre hair color. Each of these hairstyles uses gradient hair color to create a dramatic, gorgeous look. Before visiting a hair colorist near you, take a look at these differences between Balayage highlights, ombre hair color, and sombre hair color.

    balayage highlights Dallas Natural Balayage Highlights

    Hair colorists used to primarily use foils to give their clients highlights, but Balayage highlights are becoming more and more popular at the best hair salons because of their natural look. Hair colorists use a freehand technique to section off pieces of hair and then hand paint them with hair color. The sections are then covered with plastic wrap, rather than foil. Balayage highlights are painted onto more random sections of hair, so the resulting hair color looks much more natural and casual.

    Dramatic and Creative Two-Toned Ombre Hair Color

    Ombre hair color has been a fad at hair salons for quite a while, and a hair colorist can use the technique to create a natural, gradual gradient of color, or a more dramatic and extreme two-toned look. Your hair colorist can use any two hair colors for ombre hair, and your hair can either be lighter on the top and darker on the bottom, or vice versa. Depending upon your preferences, you can ask your hair colorist to leave the top half of your hair in its natural color, and gradually shift to a darker color down the length of your locks. You could also choose to have half of your hair platinum blonde, and the other half a fun, exciting shade like blue, pink, or purple.

    Subtle, Gradient Sombre Hair Color

    Sombre hair color is known as a subtle alternative to the ombre hairstyle. The gradient color or color transitions are typically much more gradual and softer than with ombre. As with ombre hair color, you can ask your hair colorist to be as dramatic or as natural as you’d like.