As your wedding approaches, it is time to call up your hair stylist near Dallas. He or she can help you pick out a perfect bridal hairstyle that you will remember for a lifetime. Once you leave the salon for your wedding, you can feel confident in your perfect bridal beauty . bridal - hair - styles

Messy Buns

Buns are a classic bridal hairstyle. They can hold up your veil however you choose to wear it, i.e. below or over the bun. Buns are timeless, and they can be used for every medium or long-length haircut, no matter your face shape or dress style. Many hair stylists are finding that brides are requesting “messy” buns over the tight and slicked back look of typical buns. A messy bun will have soft tendrils of hair coming out from the temples. The bun itself will be secure because of various products your hair stylist will use; however, the bun may appear soft and loose against the lower edge of your hairline, toward the nape of your neck.

Casual Braids

Many women desire the bohemian look in their wedding. They want flowers in their hair and a soft, flowing look throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Typically, braids make up a bohemian hairstyle, along with soft curls or waves. Brides might have small braids that form a crown around their head. They may also try a fishtail braid down the side of one shoulder. They can even incorporate the braid into a beautiful up-do with or without a bun. There are several different braids and styles that your hair stylist can try when you visit the beauty salon before your wedding.

Retro Curls

What woman does not want to look like a Hollywood bombshell, at least once in her life? Large, sultry curls cascading down one shoulder is always a classic wedding look. Taken from the Golden Age of Hollywood and popular 1940s hairstyles, loose waves and curls will always get you noticed, especially by your new husband.