• The Makeover.

    the makeover at johnny rodriguez the salon in houston

    Hey gals (and two men that are being forced into skimming this blog, we see you, hi). It’s us, the gorgeous glam squad from Johnny Rodriguez here to talk to you about all things hair. What shimmering topic are we covering today? If you haven’t guessed from the subtle title then we’ll tell you, it’s the words we’ve all said sitting down into our trusty stylist’s chair, “It’s time for a makeover.”

    A makeover, to put it simply, is the exciting notion that we can walk into the salon one person and walk out another (with a trail of glitter following us, of course). You’ve searched google images and pinterest for hours compiling photos of the person you want to be, and guess what, we’re here to help. Will you walk out looking like a Kardashian? Perhaps. But the point is to create a look that is customized entirely to YOU. But we won’t tell anyone if your inspiration picture is in fact, Kim K. 😉 With a few key changes, let us take you from dull to dazzling with the spin of our salon chair.

    Johnny Rodriguez, the owner of Johnny Rodriguez the Salon puts it best when he recounts a memory he has during his early years as a stylist. “I remember when I worked for Jose Eber and he would have certain days dedicated to makeovers. Women would come into the salon and consult with them about a fresh cut and a customized color to pair with it. It was always such a dramatic transformation not only in the way they looked, but the way they lit up afterwards. I’ve loved the concept of a makeover ever since.”

    Now Johnny gets the chance to do this everyday with his own team. And dare we say, we do it better than anyone? With new techniques coming onto the scene every year it’s important to have a team of stylists who are educated on current trends and dedicated to providing the highest level of service. It doesn’t take a village to create a fresh look for someone, it just takes a few talented people who are excited about hair, and more specifically, your hair.

    Well, Congrats! You made it through our first ever blog post. We’re thrilled you’re still with us, and hope you’ll come back for more. What did we learn here today? The idea of a makeover is, well, enchanting, BUT it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right team guiding you along the way you can transform into the beauty you were born to be. We hate goodbyes, so we’ll just leave you with this #breakupwithbadhairdays and book your appointment already, we’ll be waiting (with wine of course).



  • Finding Your Perfect Wedding Hair Style

    One of the most important parts of your wedding look is your hairstyle. Talk to your hair stylist beforehand, so when you visit your beauty salon in Dallas you can come out looking as beautiful as you feel on your big day.


    Consider the Dress

    Just like there are certain hairstyles you wear with specific outfits, there are hairstyles that work best with different wedding dresses. Often, the neckline of the dress is what needs to be considered. Strapless gowns will typically look good with any sort of hairstyle—bun, straight, curled, etc. If you have a boat neckline, then you will want some sort of up-do to show off as much of your neck as you can. For a V neckline, you will want a flowy hairstyle to match the long lines of the V neck. This can be achieved with a half up half down hairstyle, long curls, or even a loose up-do with tresses of your hair falling down around your face.

    Think About Your Face Shape

    When you went dress shopping, you probably looked for styles that complement your figure. Figuring out your wedding hairstyle involves a very similar process. Your hairstyle should complement the shape of your face, as well as your dress. For example, with a round or heart-shaped face, you can pull off a pixie cut, shoulder-length bob, or long and soft layers. For oval and square-shaped faces, try out a chin-length bob in waves or curls to complement your features.

    Consult Your Hair Stylist

    Your hair stylist is going to be one of your best friends during your wedding planning. She or he is the expert at deciding which hairstyle will look best with your face and your dress. Always schedule a pre-wedding day consultation at the beauty salon. You will use this time to show your stylist pictures of your favorite hairstyles. The two of you can discuss the different hairstyles, and you may decide to do a trial run of your favorite hairstyle during this appointment.

  • Braided Hairstyles for Brides

    If you are soon to be married, you certainly know that the number of decisions to make when planning a wedding can seem endless. Finding the right beauty salon in Dallas for your wedding makeup and hair may only be one of those decisions, but it is an important one. Looking your best on your wedding day can be easy with the right hair stylist. With so many hairstyles available, finding a hairstyle that stands out can make you feel extra special on your big day.

    Watch this video to learn more about braided hairstyles for brides—the braided hairstyle is a popular trend among brides since it is a great way to stand out.

  • Happier Hour at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon

    Who doesn’t love happy hour? It’s a great way to catch up with friends while enjoying discounted drinks and appetizers. However, going to the same place week after week can become tiresome. What about happy hour at your favorite hair salon in Dallas ? That’s right, for a new way to have a night out with the girls, try Happier Hour at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon.

    At Johnny Rodriguez the Salon, you can take advantage of affordable services while sipping delicious cocktails with Happier Hour on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 3pm to close. Indulge yourself, and your girlfriends, with services from blowouts to keratin hair treatments, all while sipping on your favorite cocktails. Drinks are included in the price of your service. No happy hour is complete without shots, Kérastase Fusio-Dose shots, that is. These one-time shots are applied in the salon and left in hair overnight. Happy hour never looked so good.

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  • Styling Ideas for Brides with Short Hair

    Even if you have a short haircut, your hairdresser can offer you many different options for your wedding hair and makeup in Dallas . Your short hair will not limit you in any way when you visit your local hair salon and begin looking at possible wedding hairstyles. Here are just a few wedding hair styling ideas for brides with short hair.

    bridal updo in dallas Romantic, Retro Curls

    If you love the idea of classic, romantic curls for your wedding hairstyle, your hairstylist can make your dreams a reality by using some old-fashioned hairstyling techniques. Your hairdresser can create soft, natural finger waves that look gently tousled, and somehow manage to be both elegant and casual. You can accessorize finger waves with a flower wreath, or just wear a short veil over your wedding hairstyle. You could also opt for small pin curls accessorized with jeweled hairpins or a sparkling headband. Your hairdresser can even use a mini curling iron to create tight, bouncy, symmetrical curls all over your head.

    A Sleek Faux Updo

    Experienced hairstylists know how to use bobby pins to make a short haircut look like a sleek updo. Simply by strategically pinning chunks of hair up and underneath of each other along the back of your head, your wedding hairstyle will look like a sophisticated, glamorous updo in minutes. You can accessorize this hairstyle with a fresh flower, a pretty hair clip, or a rhinestone hairpiece.

    Luxurious Hair Extensions

    Your wedding is the perfect time to play around with a new, long hairstyle created from natural human hair extensions. You can have your hairdresser put in long, luxurious Babe or Balmain hair extensions that can then be styled into any wedding hairstyle you can imagine. After your human hair extensions are in, your hairdresser can cut them to the perfect length, and you can experiment with a few different wedding hairstyles to find one that you love. Consider trying loose, flowing curls; a long, messy braid; or a sleek bun or chignon.

  • How to Choose a New Hair Color

    Visiting your hair colorist at your local hair salon in Dallas for new hair color can be an exciting, glamorous makeover. Whether your new hair color is subtle or dramatic, the burst of confidence you’ll experience after leaving the hair salon will make you feel like a new person. When you consult with your hair colorist about your new color, you should consider your skin tone and your typical makeup application style. hair colorist in Dallas

    If you have a warm skin tone, a cool-toned hair color will complement you. Examples of cool tones are shades of pale blonde, like champagne, platinum, and ash-blonde; shades of brown or red, like amber or auburn; or cooler Balayage highlights in auburn and brown. If you have a cool skin tone, warm-toned hair colors, like golden blonde, rich chocolate brown, or fiery red, will complement you best.

    You should also consider what shades of makeup you typically wear each day. If you favor bold, bright makeup colors, then a dramatic hair color might be overwhelming. Likewise, if you don’t generally wear makeup, or if you favor soft, subtle colors, you can choose a much brighter, flashier hair color.

  • The Right Way to Use Mousse

    If you’ve recently gotten a new hairstyle from your favorite hair stylist, you may want to experiment with hairstyling products. A hairdresser in Dallas can teach you how to add volume and texture to your new hairstyle using mousse. Mousse is available in varying strengths, and can lock in a hairstyle so that it looks gorgeous and flawless all day and night.

    Watch this video for tips from a professional hair stylist on how to properly use mousse. You’ll get a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates how just a small amount of mousse can quickly and easily transform your new haircut into a professional and glamorous hairstyle that you can show off proudly—like you just came from the beauty salon!

  • Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle

    As your wedding day approaches, you want to make sure that everything is perfect—from the ceremony and reception to your wedding hair, makeup, and dress! A hair salon that offers wedding hair and makeup application near Dallas can give you a flawless look for your big day. Here are some great tips for choosing a gorgeous wedding hairstyle at your local hair salon. bridal hair in Dallas, tx

    Use a Beautiful Wedding Headpiece
    Wedding headpieces are currently a very popular and trendy wedding hairstyle accessory, and for good reason. A beautiful wedding headpiece, such as a sparkling tiara, jeweled headband, simple flower wreath, or decorative braided crown, can enhance any wedding hairstyle and wedding dress. Wedding hairpieces can make long hairstyles look dramatic and elegant. They can also make short hairstyles appear more feminine and dressy. You can choose a headpiece that is vintage, romantic, or modern to complement your amazing wedding hairstyle.

    Consider Hair Extensions
    If you have short hair, you can get luxurious, natural looking human hair extensions or Balmain extensions at your local hair salon. Long hair extensions allow you a wide variety of wedding hairstyles, and they’ll make you feel even more confident and beautiful on your big day. If you’re used to having short hair, it will be fun to style your hair in long, loose curls, or in a smooth, straight hairstyle down your back. You and your hairstylist can experiment with different wedding hairstyles and hair to find one that shows off your new long, flowing locks.

    Book a Keratin Hair Treatment at Your Hair Salon
    You don’t want your wedding hairstyle to look dull and lifeless. A professional keratin hair treatment at your local hair salon will restore your hair to its healthy, shiny glory. Keratin complex treatments can tame flyaways and frizz and make your hair glossy and smooth. No matter what wedding hairstyle you choose, your hair will look flawless and shine beautifully in all of your wedding photos!

  • What to Consider When Choosing a Haircut

    Before visiting a hair stylist in Dallas for a new haircut, take some time to figure out the exact hairstyle you want. It will be much easier to communicate your needs and desires to your hair stylist when you have a very clear idea of what you want. When choosing a new hairstyle, you’ll want to consider your typical hair styling routine and your face shape.

    You can start by looking at pictures of celebrities or at hair stylist blogs online or in magazines for inspiration. Certain mobile apps and websites allow you to upload a picture and experiment with different hair lengths, giving you a pretty good idea of what you’ll look like with each hairstyle.

    You can also consult with a hair stylist at your hair salon for advice on haircuts that will complement your face shape. If you have an angular face, small features, or high cheekbones, you’ll look amazing with a short hairstyle. If your face is rounder, or if you have dramatic features, a long hairstyle might suit you better. You can also ask your hair stylist for bangs if you want to hide a high forehead.

    hair cut in Dallas

  • Answering Common Questions About Hair Coloring

    When you visit a hair salon near Dallas for hair coloring services, you want to be sure you’re seeing the best hair colorist that can help you achieve your desired look. Your hair stylist should have years of experience in a variety of different methods and styles of hair color treatments. Before you choose a hair salon or hair colorist, check out these answers to common questions about hair color. hair salon in dallas

    How Do I Choose the Right Hair Color?
    When choosing a new hair color, you have to consider your skin tone, professional work environment, and the quality and history of your hair. There are websites and mobile apps available that allow you to upload a current picture of yourself and “try out” different hair colors, giving you the opportunity to figure out if a hair color will work for you. You can also consult with hair colorists at your local salon for a professional opinion about your hair color choices. If your hair has been damaged by styling or previous hair color treatments, you may want to avoid any hair colors that require bleaching. You should also consider any hair color restrictions that may exist in your professional work environment.

    How Can I Communicate My Needs to My Hair Colorist?
    When meeting with a potential hair colorist for a consultation, you should choose one who listens carefully to your needs, and is easy to communicate with. To be sure that you and your hair colorist are on the same page about your new hair color, show her pictures of similar hair colors and hairstyles. You should also discuss your hairstyling routine, previous hair color treatments, and the amount of time and money you’re willing to spend on hair color maintenance.

    How Do I Make Sure I’m Using the Best Hair Colorist?
    The best hair colorist for your needs will be open, communicative, and experienced. You can ask a potential hair colorist to see a portfolio that shows examples of her work. This will help you get an idea of the range of her hair colorist skills, technique, and level of experience.