Hair Extensions in Dallas

Hair extensions can instantly revamp your hair and lifestyle. Extensions are not just for length, they can also be used to add volume and even as an alternative to highlighting your hair. We have developed our own creative and customized approach to extensions.

The Salon offers high-quality Balmain Paris and Babe Hair extensions.

Balmain Paris Hair Extensions

Balmain Paris hair extensions are made of the highest quality human hair for adding both length and fullness to hair. The revolutionary Balmain system secures the extensions without the damaging effects of heat, glue, rings or sewing. Balmain is also the most customizable system available with a variety of options that can be used based on the client’s face shape, hair type and lifestyle. Balmain also offers fill-in stand extensions: Halo Hair Dresses, Clip-ins, and Cat Walk Pony’s that can be worn just for the day . all Balmain extensions can be colored, washed and styled with blowdryers, curling irons and flat irons.

Babe Hair Extensions

Babe hair extensions use 100% human hair and are known for their ability to maintain radiant shine and a smooth texture without the use of synthetic coatings like silicone. Applied without the use of heat, glue or other harmful chemicals, Babe extensions cause no damage to clients’ hair. Babe offers a variety of application methods based on each client’s unique needs, including I-Tip Pro (clamped), Fusion Pro (keratin bond)

tape-In Pro (medical-grade adhesive developed specifically for hair)

Babe also offers Instant Hair-Pieces: Crown, Clip ins and Bangs.

babe hair extentions

babe hair extentions dallas

babe hair extentions

babe hair extentions johnny rodriguez salon

Hair Extensions Care Tips

Taking proper care of your hair and your extensions will ensure longevity, ease of styling, and the natural look you want.

Here are some quick tips. For a more detailed exploration come check out our complete guide to hair extensions.

  • Don’t be afraid to brush your extensions! Brushing will keep your extensions tangle-free and help them maintain their natural shine. Brush your extensions daily with a looper brush to detangle them without causing damage.
  • Your extensions can be blown dry or air-dried; regardless of your preference, try to ensure your hair is completely dry before going to bed at night.
  • When swimming, braid or style your hair in a low bun to prevent tangles while protecting the bonds between your extensions and your hair. Dry the bonded areas when you are through and let the rest of your hair air dry.
  • Leave-in conditioners that are oil free can help to maintain smoothness and shine, improving the look of both your natural hair and your extensions. Just be sure to avoid the bonded or taped areas.
  • Ask your stylist about the best type of products to use for styling. Some extensions may require the use or avoidance of specific products to protect their quality and longevity.
*extension haircut not included
*prices include hair cost and application

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