• Pinterest Trends: Checking Out the Top Bridal Hairstyles

    As your wedding approaches, it is time to call up your hair stylist near Dallas. He or she can help you pick out a perfect bridal hairstyle that you will remember for a lifetime. Once you leave the salon for your wedding, you can feel confident in your perfect bridal beauty . bridal - hair - styles

    Messy Buns

    Buns are a classic bridal hairstyle. They can hold up your veil however you choose to wear it, i.e. below or over the bun. Buns are timeless, and they can be used for every medium or long-length haircut, no matter your face shape or dress style. Many hair stylists are finding that brides are requesting “messy” buns over the tight and slicked back look of typical buns. A messy bun will have soft tendrils of hair coming out from the temples. The bun itself will be secure because of various products your hair stylist will use; however, the bun may appear soft and loose against the lower edge of your hairline, toward the nape of your neck.

    Casual Braids

    Many women desire the bohemian look in their wedding. They want flowers in their hair and a soft, flowing look throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Typically, braids make up a bohemian hairstyle, along with soft curls or waves. Brides might have small braids that form a crown around their head. They may also try a fishtail braid down the side of one shoulder. They can even incorporate the braid into a beautiful up-do with or without a bun. There are several different braids and styles that your hair stylist can try when you visit the beauty salon before your wedding.

    Retro Curls

    What woman does not want to look like a Hollywood bombshell, at least once in her life? Large, sultry curls cascading down one shoulder is always a classic wedding look. Taken from the Golden Age of Hollywood and popular 1940s hairstyles, loose waves and curls will always get you noticed, especially by your new husband.

  • Adding Flowers to Your Wedding Hairdo

    Never be afraid to ask your hair stylist to add a pop of color to your wedding hairdo. A flower can help bring in your wedding colors, and you will look and feel even more beautiful as you leave the beauty salon in Dallas .

    As mentioned in the attached video, you should be mindful of where you are going to stand when you reach the altar. Ask your hair stylist to put the flower on the side that will be facing your guests. Many brides stand to the left of their grooms, which means that their right side is facing the audience. If you are unsure of where to put the flower in your hairdo, your hair stylist can help you decide. She may suggest one of the sides, toward the back, or making a crown of flowers on your head. Either way, you will look beautiful leaving the beauty salon.

  • Finding Your Perfect Wedding Hair Style

    One of the most important parts of your wedding look is your hairstyle. Talk to your hair stylist beforehand, so when you visit your beauty salon in Dallas you can come out looking as beautiful as you feel on your big day.


    Consider the Dress

    Just like there are certain hairstyles you wear with specific outfits, there are hairstyles that work best with different wedding dresses. Often, the neckline of the dress is what needs to be considered. Strapless gowns will typically look good with any sort of hairstyle—bun, straight, curled, etc. If you have a boat neckline, then you will want some sort of up-do to show off as much of your neck as you can. For a V neckline, you will want a flowy hairstyle to match the long lines of the V neck. This can be achieved with a half up half down hairstyle, long curls, or even a loose up-do with tresses of your hair falling down around your face.

    Think About Your Face Shape

    When you went dress shopping, you probably looked for styles that complement your figure. Figuring out your wedding hairstyle involves a very similar process. Your hairstyle should complement the shape of your face, as well as your dress. For example, with a round or heart-shaped face, you can pull off a pixie cut, shoulder-length bob, or long and soft layers. For oval and square-shaped faces, try out a chin-length bob in waves or curls to complement your features.

    Consult Your Hair Stylist

    Your hair stylist is going to be one of your best friends during your wedding planning. She or he is the expert at deciding which hairstyle will look best with your face and your dress. Always schedule a pre-wedding day consultation at the beauty salon. You will use this time to show your stylist pictures of your favorite hairstyles. The two of you can discuss the different hairstyles, and you may decide to do a trial run of your favorite hairstyle during this appointment.

  • Wedding Hairstyles for Everyone

    If you’re planning a wedding, you should visit an expert hairdresser at a hair salon for wedding hair and makeup in Dallas . A hairdresser who specializes in wedding makeup and hair can make sure that you and every member of your bridal party look beautiful on your big day. Here is a look at some wedding styles that work for everyone, that you can show the hairdresser or hair stylist at your hair salon.


    Hair Braids and Crowns

    Hair braids and crowns are a wedding hairstyle that works for every face shape. You can ask the wedding hair and makeup hairstylist at your hair salon to create loose braids for you and the members of your wedding party. You can either wear your braids down, or ask your hairdresser to pin them up into crowns on your head. The braids can be adorned with flowers, barrettes, or hair clips to create an even more romantic hairstyle. You can follow this up with a professional makeup application in a soft, rosy palette.

    Soft, Flowing Waves

    Another universally flattering wedding hairstyle is soft, flowing waves. A hairstylist at your hair salon can achieve this look regardless of the length of your hair. You can also consider human hair extensions, Babe extensions, or Balmain extensions to increase the length of your hair to make your curls even more dramatic. If you go to a beauty salon that specializes in wedding hair and makeup, you can accentuate the look with dramatic, smoky eye makeup and nude or natural lip colors.

    Half-Up and Half-Down Hairstyles

    If you’re not sure if you want to commit to a formal up-do for your wedding, you and your bridal party can compromise with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Your hairdresser can provide keratin hair treatments and Brazilian blowouts to ensure that everyone’s hair looks healthy and smooth. She can then pin half of your hair up and away from your face, leaving the rest down. If you have short hair, she can even apply human hair extensions to create enough volume for the hairstyle.

  • Hairstyles for Different Wedding Gown Necklines

    You’ve got the wedding dress, now it’s time to start thinking about accessories. Of course there’s shoes, jewelry, and make-up, but don’t forget to pick the perfect hairstyle. Brides have a number of choices of wedding hairstyles. Find a hair stylist in Dallas who will set up a trial to do a test run before the big day. While you will want a hairstyle that you are comfortable with and compliments you, keep in mind your wedding gown neckline. Based on the style of wedding dress, there are hairstyles that can compliment your gown for a cohesive all over great look.

    There are some wedding gown necklines, such as a strapless gown that will be complimented by just about any hairstyle—updo, bun, wearing your hair down; the list goes on and on. Other necklines, such as a v-neck, draws attention to long, lean lines. Wearing your hair down with a v-neck gown can continue these elegant lines. Let your hairstylist know what neckline your gown is and ask for input on finding the right hairdo to compliment that neckline.


  • Braided Hairstyles for Brides

    If you are soon to be married, you certainly know that the number of decisions to make when planning a wedding can seem endless. Finding the right beauty salon in Dallas for your wedding makeup and hair may only be one of those decisions, but it is an important one. Looking your best on your wedding day can be easy with the right hair stylist. With so many hairstyles available, finding a hairstyle that stands out can make you feel extra special on your big day.

    Watch this video to learn more about braided hairstyles for brides—the braided hairstyle is a popular trend among brides since it is a great way to stand out.

  • Show Off Your Curls on Your Wedding Day

    Whether you have naturally tight curls, wavy locks, or somewhere in between, your wedding day is a day to show off your curls. The first step is to find a hair stylist in Dallas that is familiar with working with curls. If you are having your wedding outdoors, humidity can prevent your curls from looking their best. Having a hair stylist who knows all the tips and tricks of keeping curls at their best will leave you with a picture-perfect hairdo all day long. With curly hair, the options are endless. This article will highlight all the ways you can make your curls stand out on your wedding day. bridal salon services

    Wear It Up

    Just because you have curly hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a traditional updo for your wedding. In fact, wearing your curly hair up opens up a number of whimsical looks. Curly hair gives updos a polished yet messy look that can add a bit of romance to your hair. A loose, bohemian updo with a bold hairpiece can add a sense of magic to any wedding. For an added detail, consider a braided bun with floral accents.

    Wear It Down

    For a dramatic, glamorous look that will captivate your husband to be, and all your wedding guests, let your curls flow. Tousled, high-volume curls need no accessories to create a boldly beautiful cascade of hair under your veil. Alternatively, a low maintenance style of simple curls can add a sense of natural elegance to your wedding. To reduce frizz, consider a keratin complex smoothing treatment prior to the big day.

    Wear It Somewhere in Between

    With curly hair, your options don’t have to be one or the other. Have your hair stylist create a natural, flowing look by wearing your curls pinned half up and half down. This style is perfect for outdoor or beach weddings. For an added touch, place a few white flowers in your hair.

  • Styling Ideas for Brides with Short Hair

    Even if you have a short haircut, your hairdresser can offer you many different options for your wedding hair and makeup in Dallas . Your short hair will not limit you in any way when you visit your local hair salon and begin looking at possible wedding hairstyles. Here are just a few wedding hair styling ideas for brides with short hair.

    bridal updo in dallas Romantic, Retro Curls

    If you love the idea of classic, romantic curls for your wedding hairstyle, your hairstylist can make your dreams a reality by using some old-fashioned hairstyling techniques. Your hairdresser can create soft, natural finger waves that look gently tousled, and somehow manage to be both elegant and casual. You can accessorize finger waves with a flower wreath, or just wear a short veil over your wedding hairstyle. You could also opt for small pin curls accessorized with jeweled hairpins or a sparkling headband. Your hairdresser can even use a mini curling iron to create tight, bouncy, symmetrical curls all over your head.

    A Sleek Faux Updo

    Experienced hairstylists know how to use bobby pins to make a short haircut look like a sleek updo. Simply by strategically pinning chunks of hair up and underneath of each other along the back of your head, your wedding hairstyle will look like a sophisticated, glamorous updo in minutes. You can accessorize this hairstyle with a fresh flower, a pretty hair clip, or a rhinestone hairpiece.

    Luxurious Hair Extensions

    Your wedding is the perfect time to play around with a new, long hairstyle created from natural human hair extensions. You can have your hairdresser put in long, luxurious Babe or Balmain hair extensions that can then be styled into any wedding hairstyle you can imagine. After your human hair extensions are in, your hairdresser can cut them to the perfect length, and you can experiment with a few different wedding hairstyles to find one that you love. Consider trying loose, flowing curls; a long, messy braid; or a sleek bun or chignon.

  • Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle

    As your wedding day approaches, you want to make sure that everything is perfect—from the ceremony and reception to your wedding hair, makeup, and dress! A hair salon that offers wedding hair and makeup application near Dallas can give you a flawless look for your big day. Here are some great tips for choosing a gorgeous wedding hairstyle at your local hair salon. bridal hair in Dallas, tx

    Use a Beautiful Wedding Headpiece
    Wedding headpieces are currently a very popular and trendy wedding hairstyle accessory, and for good reason. A beautiful wedding headpiece, such as a sparkling tiara, jeweled headband, simple flower wreath, or decorative braided crown, can enhance any wedding hairstyle and wedding dress. Wedding hairpieces can make long hairstyles look dramatic and elegant. They can also make short hairstyles appear more feminine and dressy. You can choose a headpiece that is vintage, romantic, or modern to complement your amazing wedding hairstyle.

    Consider Hair Extensions
    If you have short hair, you can get luxurious, natural looking human hair extensions or Balmain extensions at your local hair salon. Long hair extensions allow you a wide variety of wedding hairstyles, and they’ll make you feel even more confident and beautiful on your big day. If you’re used to having short hair, it will be fun to style your hair in long, loose curls, or in a smooth, straight hairstyle down your back. You and your hairstylist can experiment with different wedding hairstyles and hair to find one that shows off your new long, flowing locks.

    Book a Keratin Hair Treatment at Your Hair Salon
    You don’t want your wedding hairstyle to look dull and lifeless. A professional keratin hair treatment at your local hair salon will restore your hair to its healthy, shiny glory. Keratin complex treatments can tame flyaways and frizz and make your hair glossy and smooth. No matter what wedding hairstyle you choose, your hair will look flawless and shine beautifully in all of your wedding photos!