When your hair seems excessively dry or unhealthy, you may notice the ends splitting. There are a few different reasons this might occur. If it becomes a constant condition of your hair, then speak with your hair stylist soon. She can offer some helpful tips and products to use from your salon near Dallas.

  • Often, people will notice split ends because they use heating appliances to excess. Straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers suck out moisture from your hair. As the hair continues to dry, split ends can occur.
  • Too much hair coloring can cause split ends. The chemicals and dyes used by a hair colorist can mess up the natural moisture and chemicals found in your hair. If you color or highlight your hair often, especially without moisturizing hair products, you may notice split ends.
  • You should never brush or comb your hair violently. This action can cause hair follicles to break and dry out your hair. The dryer your hair becomes, the more likely it will develop split ends.

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