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Brazilian Blowouts: Hair Care Tips

Have you wondered how everyone in Highland Park has such gorgeous hair? Do you find yourself filled with hair envy while strolling the sidewalks of The Shops at Legacy or having lunch at Legacy West? You can be someone that inspires head turns, too. You simply need to do what all those people with smooth, silky, show-stopping hair in Dallas and Plano do: get a Brazilian Blowout from Johnny Rodriguez The Salon®.

Are Brazilian Blowouts Bad for Your Hair?

One of the misconceptions about keratin treatments is that they have harmful ingredients that could damage the hair. The truth about most hair treatments that are meant to last for a while through shampoos and styling is that they require the use of chemicals to be effective. The Brazilian Blowout involves using a small amount of formaldehyde to allow the keratin to bond to the hair shaft. However, once the keratin is applied, the strands have an additional layer of protection. 

As the name indicates, the treatment originated in Brazil. Many of the nourishing ingredients included in the treatment are native to Brazil like açai berry, Camu Camu, and annatto seed. They provide essential fatty acids and hydration, along with strengthening qualities. When the keratin and other beneficial ingredients bond to the hair shaft, it soothes the cuticle, reduces frizziness, and creates a barrier to protect against heat styling and products. The bonus is the gorgeous shine. 

What Does a Brazilian Blowout Do to Your Hair?

We are lucky that the Dallas-Fort Worth area generally has relatively low humidity, but the heat that Texas is famous for can wreak havoc with our styles. When combined with heat styling, hair can become frizzy, dry, brittle, and dull. That's where the Brazilian Blowout from Johnny Rodriguez The Salon® can help. 

A Brazilian Blowout is not a straightening treatment, although your wild, unruly curls may relax and become more manageable, and wavy hair may appear straighter. It is a smoothing and protecting treatment that gives a silky, luxurious texture and shine to hair. However, the Instagram-worthy results don't last forever, so you should take advantage of these Brazilian Blowout tips to extend your style:

  • Just as you would after receiving permanent straightening or curling treatments, you should not wet your hair about 72 hours after getting a keratin treatment. But if it does get wet within that period, blow-dry and straighten immediately. 
  • Don't put your hair up for the first two days. Allow it to hang straight while the keratin continues to bond.
  • Do not use clips, bands, or bobby pins for three days to avoid imprints on your hair.
  • Only use salon-recommended, sodium chloride free, and chemical-free aftercare products. 
  • Wait two to three weeks to color your hair.
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated water. If you do plan to swim, apply a protective serum before you get in the water.
  • After swimming in saltwater, wash and rinse your hair thoroughly and immediately, as saltwater can erode the keratin coating on your hair.
  • Reassess your shampoo schedule. Less frequent washes mean longer-lasting results.
  • Protect strands from high UV levels and chlorinated water.  
  • Sleep on silk pillowcases. Cotton causes friction that can counteract your Blowout, causing frizz. 

How Long Do You Have to Wait Between Brazilian Blowouts?

Based on your styling habits, and as long as you don't use shampoos that contain sulfates and chlorine, your Brazilian Blowout should last for three to four months. When you come into Johnny Rodriguez The Salon® for your Brazilian Blowout, you can safely set up your next treatment for at least three months out. 

Does Brazilian Blowout Strengthen Hair?

Many of the ingredients in the Brazilian Blowout have beneficial properties, including strengthening. Nourished, hydrated hair is naturally stronger and more resilient to environmental stresses and heat styling. When combined with the same natural proteins that make up the structure of hair and nails, your locks are more protected from heat and humidity than before.

When you are ready to quit fighting your unruly hair, it may be time for you to have a keratin treatment. To find out more about the Brazilian Blowout from Johnny Rodriguez The Salon® or make an appointment at either our Lover's Lane or Legacy West locations in Dallas and Plano.

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