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Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day with These Bridal Makeup Tips

If you are like most of us, you will be photographed on your wedding day more than any other day of your life. Taking some time to plan your makeup before the big day can ensure your look is flawless. Here are some bridal makeup tips to help you enjoy the spotlight and look beautiful.

Create the Perfect Canvas

Before applying other cosmetics, take a few moments to prepare your skin:
  • Allow your moisturizer to fully penetrate the skin before going to the next step.
  • Apply a thin layer of primer to your face, neck, and eyes. It can serve as a temporary corrector, blurring fine lines and giving your skin a radiant base for makeup.
  • Use a foundation that matches your skin type and tone.

Brow Power

A sculpted brow and well-placed arch frames your eyes and brightens your face. The most natural looking shape fans at the start of the brow lays straight across the brow bone then arches and lifts just past the mid-point. The outside edge should fan out towards the temple, not down. Apply a waterproof gel for a perfectly sculpted look.

Luscious Lips

Use a lip stain instead of regular lipstick for a waterproof and smudge-proof formula that lasts through the kisses, champagne sips and the wedding feast with no fuss. Red carpet celebrities from Angelina Jolie to Frances Bean Cobain rely on it to make their lips look full and smooth. Prepare your lips to get the maximum benefit. Use a lip scrub or toothbrush in soft circular motion for a few seconds to gently buff away any dead skin cells. Pat your lips dry with a soft towel, apply a thin coat of lip balm and let it soak in for one to ten minutes. Wipe off any excess balm, then apply the stain.

Lash it Up

Long lashes help your eye color pop and look fantastic in photos. Use a primer to help mascara last longer and minimize flaking or smudging. Remember to choose a waterproof formula to keep them picture perfect.
  • Follow Rihanna’s lead with fluttery lashes under sculpted brows and minimal makeup for a glamorous take on au naturel. Brush the top of your lashes with an eyelash comb after each coat of mascara to achieve feathery, flirty lashes.
  • Beyoncé added a classic touch with thick, long lashes paired with a smoky eye for her wedding. Wiggle the mascara wand, starting at the base of your lashes to coat every lash for the biggest impact.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you’ve set a date, contact us to schedule a pre-wedding consult or make an appointment to have your bridal makeup done. Our makeup artists and stylists will discuss your vision and take your personal style and wedding location into consideration to create your perfect bridal
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