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Lash Extensions

Perfect Lashs

CLASSIC : This consists of one synthetic lash to one natural lash. Covering 90% of the lashes, they can only be as full as the amount of natural lashes you have.
Classic Full set: $150.00 Classic Refill: $65.00(2 to 3 weeks) This is a good option for someone that wants a natural look. Will give a natural mascara look.

VOLUME : The fullest set, fans are created using 3-6 lashes to one natural lash. Creating a fluffy look with maximum fullness.
Volume Full set: $275.00 Volume Refill: $95.00(2 to 3 weeks)

HYBRID : A mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Hybrid gives the definition of classic with the added fullness of volume for a great Wispy look.
Hybrid Full set: $200.00 Hybrid Refill: $85.00(2 to 3 weeks)

When you come to Johnny Rodriguez The Salon® in Dallas and Plano, you expect quality products and personalized service in a spa-like environment. Our appointment for eyelash extensions is no exception. From the moment you walk in, you'll notice not only the beautiful setting but the care we take to keep our salon clean and safe for all your services. All you have to do is enjoy the experience and look forward to having more time in the mornings to sleep in. 

 We use only the highest quality synthetic lashes applied in a way that is comfortable and relaxing. You'll not only look more wide-eyed and alert, but you'll feel refreshed, too. No more worrying about applying false eyelashes with adhesives that don't last the day or magnetic lash strips. Your lash extensions will look and feel natural until your next appointment. 

 Lashes Customized Specifically for You 

We love a good costume party, but none of us want to look like we are in a masquerade when going about our everyday lives. Low-quality eyelash enhancements or amateur applications can have you looking anything but natural. At our salons in Dallas and Plano, we celebrate the individual. Our goal is to have you leave here looking like a polished, more confident version of you, with your natural beauty shining through. 

 The way we do that is personalization. In your consultation with our experienced aesthetician, you'll discuss your goals for a unique lash look. Whether it is a natural look that eliminates the need for the mascara to a more dramatic, lush lash look, it's all up to you. Our job is to make it happen. 

What to Expect 

 During your consultation, we'll walk through the steps to select your ideal experience: 

  •  Step 1: Select your curl 
  • Step 2: Choose your style 
  • Step 3: Determine your application method 

The Curl 

We love to give you options for your lash extensions. The first one is the style of the curl. Even with your lashes, you probably have a preferred look that you achieve with your eyelash curler. You may love a soft curve, or you may like a more pronounced curl. We'll come up with the perfect one for your lashes. 

The Style 

Now for the style. Do you want a more pronounced, dramatic lash style with a semi-matte finish? Perhaps you prefer a more natural, feathery look that tapers gently and has a semi-gloss finish. We will look at examples to help you decide.

The Application

Here is where you can really amp up your lash extension volume and further customize your look. We offer four applications methods from which you can choose: 

  • Classic - For a more natural look, your stylist will attach one extension to your eyelashes to open up your eyes’ look and define your lashes. 
  • Volume - This look starts with a full handmade fan consisting of two or more lash extensions for a rich, luxurious sweep of lashes. 
  • Hybrid - Our hybrid application combines the best of classic and volume. 
  • Mega Volume - If you want to turn heads and stop traffic, this look is for you. The full lash fan has six or more handmade lash extensions for a dense, thick lash. 

Safe, Lush Lashes in Minutes

At Johnny Rodriguez The Salon®, we are committed to using the safest techniques in our aesthetic services so that we simply enhance your natural beauty. Your stylist will take great care when applying your lash extensions so that your lashes remain healthy and strong, just more pronounced. 

 We use only the highest quality medical grade adhesives designed for biocompatibility to attach your new lash extensions to your natural lashes. You can look forward to no more pulling and tugging every day with eyelash curlers and makeup remover. 

 Make an appointment today at our Lover's Lane salon in Dallas or our Plano salon at Legacy West.