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Are Quality Hair Extensions Really That Important?

There are many hair extension products on the market, including do-it-yourself varieties that may seem like a good idea at the time. But the key to achieving glamorous, celebrity-quality hair is to use natural-looking extensions that are put in place by a certified hair extension specialist. After scouring all the beauty industry has to offer, Johnny Rodriguez found only two hair extension lines that are worthy of his high-quality standards.

Balmain Paris Hair Extensions

Balmain Paris Hair Extensions are the height of hair couture, adding volume, color, length, and texture to your natural hair. They are available in 100% Human Hair and Memory Hair, a synthetic variety that looks and acts like natural hair, but can hold any heat-applied style until heat-styled again! Balmain hair extensions come in natural shades and striking colors, providing endless options for gorgeous, undetectable results.

Babe Hair Extensions

Babe Hair Extensions are renowned for their ability to maintain a radiant, smooth texture without resorting to synthetic coatings. Made from 100% Human Hair, these extensions utilize special attachment methods that do not use heat, glue, or chemicals, so you are left with no mess and no damage to your natural hair. They come in a variety of colors from natural shades to fun rainbow hues.

Tips on How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

Now that your hair extensions are in and you look fabulous, maintenance is a must to maximize your sexy new ‘do. Quality hair extensions can last up to 4 months and are easy to care for as long as you have the right routine, so take a look at these helpful tips on hair extensions maintenance:

It may sound like a no-brainer, but brushing your hair is kind of important. Using a large, soft bristle brush, start at the ends of the hair, then move up to mid-length and finally the root area. Be gentle with your extensions to prevent breakage and unless you’re going for the frizzy “Bird’s Nest” look, try not to pull too hard.

One of the great things about hair extensions is that you can wash them as you would your natural hair. Detangle your hair first, then soak with warm water. Always wash from the crown down and use good quality shampoo. Apply your normal amount of shampoo and gently massage your scalp in small circles. Rinse thoroughly, paying particular attention to bond areas, and repeat as necessary.

For conditioning, only apply the product to the mid-length and down. Make sure the conditioner is thoroughly distributed by brushing the ends of your hair with your soft-bristled brush and leave the treatment in for 3 to 10 minutes before rinsing. You could also use a good leave-in conditioner but avoid over-conditioning. Too much product weighs extensions down and leads to dirty, dull, and tangled locks.

Though it may be easier said than done, letting your hair extensions dry naturally is the best way to go. Excessive heat is not good for any type of hair extension, so give your hair a break and save the heat for your styling tools. Towel dry your hair to remove excess water, but avoid rubbing the scalp. Brush your hair from ends to mid-length to the crown, and then air dry. If blow drying is your thing, use a low-heat setting and soft-bristled brush to style.

Hair extensions can be styled like natural hair, so go nuts with the straighteners, curling tongs, and hot rollers. Just avoid running your straightener directly over bond areas. If you have synthetic extensions like Memory Hair from Balmain Paris, make sure to keep heat temps under 160°.

Other useful tips

  • Do not sleep with wet or damp hair
  • Be gentle on bond areas
  • Tie back or braid your hair while sleeping or exercising to avoid tangles
  • Wear a swimming cap in the pool to avoid exposing hair extensions to chlorine and salt
  • Visit your stylist every 5-7 weeks for professional re-fitting, detangling, and styling

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