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Types of microblading near Plano, TX | Johnny Rodriguez The Salon
Having the right shaped brow for your face will add symmetry, make your eyes appear larger and your face more slender. It’s no surprise Microblading is vastly becoming the most popular beauty service and no longer a celebrity-kept secret. Call to schedule your appointment today at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon. See salon for further details.

There are three main types of microblading. They are all the same general process with different techniques and should last anywhere from one to three years after the initial appointment and a follow-up appointment six to eight weeks later. The amount of time you can go without a touch up depends on your skin type and other factors.

Types of Microblading

Hair Stroke

Hair stroke microblading is a classic type of microblading. With this technique, the makeup professional uses small hair-like strokes to make it look like there are more hairs in your eyebrows than there really are. This method is a good option for those who want to look like they woke up like this. It's a natural-looking option that provides the option of filling in for a more dramatic look when desired.


Shading, also known as a powder fill, is a much denser type of microblading. Instead of long, thin strokes that look like natural hairs, the technique is closer to that of a traditional tattoo, using dots of pigment clustered together to provide a more solid-color look. Shading is a better choice for clients who want their eyebrows to look filled at all times.


As the name suggests, the hybrid technique is a combination of hair stroke and shading techniques. Clients with more mature skin often benefit from this combination, but it is a happy medium that is versatile and popular with beauty fanatics of any age. In fact, if you're torn between hair stroke and shading, then the hybrid method would likely be a good starting point for you.

Things to Keep in Mind After Your Microblading

Skin Type

Clients with oily skin may find that they need touch-ups more frequently than those with dry skin. This is because dry skin accepts and holds onto pigment more readily than oily skin. Aging skin may also accept pigment differently and heal differently after the process is complete.


The way you take care of your brows will impact their longevity. Here are some tips to avoid problems.

  • Don't pick at flakes or scabs
  • Avoid excessive sweating or submersion in water for 30 days
  • Gently clean your healing brows two or three times a day
  • Always protect your brows from the sun

Johnny Rodriguez The Salon™ offers services by qualified professionals at its Plano, TX location who are microblading clients' eyebrows with stellar results. Here, you can be sure your eyebrow artist has the knowledge and experience needed to guide your brow in shape, the type of microblading that will work best for whatever look you're going for, and what will work best for your skin type and lifestyle. Don't spend another day on Instagram with brow envy. Contact us today to learn more or give us a call at (214) 987-1919 to book an appointment.