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Top Fall Hair Colors For Autumn 2020

The fall is a season of newness. With it comes a new school year, a return to a slightly more serious season and a time to start fresh after the lazy, hazy days of summer. With that new start comes a chance to try out some different hair trends in terms of both style and color. Whether you are looking for curly hair color ideas, a subtle touch up or black hair with highlight ideas, here are some tips for this fall's most attractive hair color.

Dirty Brunettes Have More Fun

If you tend to favor natural hair colors, you may want to try out the dirty brunette. This warm, rich color holds on to the glow of a summer’s night while moving you into the rich shades captured by autumn leaves. It also brightens up the face at a time when summer’s tan is fading. And, this most attractive hair color works with all skin tones since it incorporates both cool and warm tones.

Dirty brunette works well for those seeking different black hair with highlight ideas that will instantly transform locks. By adding highlights in different shades of brown and copper, depth is created, giving your hair the illusion of extra thickness. This color is also the answer for those women wanting fresh curly hair color ideas, since it has the effect of making your corkscrews pop and shimmer.

Gingers Get All the Attention

Red hair is finally getting the focus it deserves this fall. A new trend is the gorgeous hue of dusty copper since its unique pigment stands out in a crowd. This warm look complements the rich earth tones that make up much of a fall wardrobe and may have many people saying it is the most gorgeous hair color they have ever seen.

Best of all, dusty copper can even be incorporated as highlights in black hair or on blonde hair. Explain to your stylist that you want this hue deposited throughout your head in either a subtle way or in obvious chunkier streaks. Then, when you toss your head in the sun, everyone will think you have the shine of a new penny glimmering through the air.

Platinum Has Its Perks

If you tend to shy away from the natural look and prefer a bold, in-your-face statement, then platinum may be the right choice for you. This head-turning, eye-popping trend takes the lightest of blonde shades and injects some ice into them. Platinum contrasts deeply with the darker tones of fall to make your head really stand out. Luckily, it looks great with long locks as well as a shorter style.

Since this color requires some serious bleaching, this is a job best left to experienced colorists like those at Johnny Rodriguez The Salon. By minimizing damage and breakage, they can help keep your hair in the best shape possible which allows it to radiate health.

Pastels Make It a Party

If you like platinum but think it may be too heavy for your personality, why not have some fun with a pastel hue? This popular look adds levity to your style. And, it comes in a variety of shades, which means you can pick the one that most speaks to you.

From peach to blue to pink to purple, a muted pastel shade is sexy and playful at the same time. Bring some photos you love to your stylist so together you can create the perfect pastel palette for your luscious locks.

When you are looking for the best to help with your hair color, contact Johnny Rodriguez The Salon. Our professional, experienced colorists can advise the coolest current trends for your hair to help create a unique look. When you come in for a visit, we can help you find the most attractive hair color for you to create a new you this fall.

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