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5 Summer Haircuts to Try

With summer coming up, it is time to get your look ready for beach trips, music festivals, or jet-setting to your favorite vacation spot. Whatever activities the warm months will be filled with for you, it is time to make heads turn and jaws drop. In other words, it is your time to slay it this summer, and what better way to do so than trying one of the hottest summer haircut styles for 2019?

1. Medium-Length Cut

Chopping off your hair to stay cool during the dog days of summer may not be your thing. That's OK. Go with a medium-length that gives you the best of two hair worlds. Short enough to keep you cool and long enough to maintain a bit of glam. A layered cut is the key to rockin' this look because it gives you tons of texture, volume, and movement. This style works great for most faces. Plus, it's ideal for thick hair that is stubborn when wanting to tie it away from your face. Enhance this style with highlights or a full-color change.

2. Textured Pixie

Now, let's flip the script on the classic, refined pixie. One of the summer haircut styles that scream "I'm here, and I'm all that!" is the sassy, textured pixie. There's more length of hair on the top that is manipulated with generous amounts of texture spray. The finished look tells the world your cool, confident, and free-spirited. Plus, you can level up this style with one of our makeover packages.

3. Blunt Bob

This Blunt Bob is a new twist on a chic hairstyle that has been around since the 1920s. At that time, it was a symbol of rebellious women. Of course, you don't have to be a rebel to sport this above-the-shoulder hairstyle. The precise cut allows your hair to fall in perfect position between your ears and the nape of your neck. You can wear it with either a center or side part. What better way to show off your bone structure? This is the "it" style that keeps your hair looking strong, full, and fresh all summer long. 

4. That 70s Shag

Summertime is all about fun in the sun. Who has time to spend hours fussing over their hair? Wouldn't you rather keep your lifestyle as hassle-free as possible? Go with this retro wash and wear style. It's all about layering and fringes. The soft, loose ends fall an inch or two below the collar bone. You can spice up this haircut with a small, wispy peekaboo bang. Another way to get these luscious locks is with hair extensions.

5. Summer Undercut

Fellas, we can't forget about you. Want to stay chill this summer without going with a buzz or crew cut? No problem. The summer undercut is one of those summer haircut styles that's non-fussy and flexible. You can dress it up or down for any occasion. You can take it from the beach to the boardroom and back again. It is shaved very low on the sides, with the hair on top long enough to be slicked back or messy. You can go from debonair dude to raucous rockstar anytime you want. No matter which look you go for, you can keep your mane swagged out with V76 by Vaughn haircare products for men.

Amp Up Your Look Near Dallas

Try a new look. Switch things up. Unleash a new you. You can make all that happen with any of the five summer haircut styles mentioned above. Let us help you get one of these IG-worthy hairstyles. The transformation will have you feeling good, looking fabulous, and turning heads all summer long. Contact Johnny Rodriguez the Salon and set up an appointment today!

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