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Easy Summer Hairstyles To Keep Cool

Summer is here, and new trends are out to keep you cool while still looking your best. Low maintenance hairstyles are key when it comes to styling your hair in the heat. Here are some ideas of summer hairstyles to keep cool and help give some hair inspiration.

Pigtails and Braids

Especially when you have long hair, it can get pretty warm to have down in the summer. A few trends that have been popping up everywhere you look are pigtails and braids. These styles are perfect for vacation hairstyles because you can throw on a hat without having to take your hair out.

You can do literal pigtail braids, or you can pull some other fun ideas into your pigtails. One adorable idea is bubble braids, where you put your hair into low pigtails and then use small elastics down the pigtail in equal increments. After you are done putting the elastics in, pull the hair out a little bit in each section to get a bubble effect.

Braids and pigtails work best in hair that doesn't have a lot of layering. It's a great time to even out your length when you're in getting your summer haircut so that you can do more styles like these.

Wispy Bangs

Bangs during the summer look great when cut longer and wispy. They do a great job bringing attention to your eyes and are cool enough to not seem too thick for the winter months.

A fringe bang also looks excellent in the summer. This style looks natural without being too heavy. Parting your hair down the middle and letting your bangs be parted with your hair makes it look subtle and natural.

Bangs look good with short, layered hair and also with long, sleek hair. They are the perfect way to try something new without cutting off a lot of length or changing your look too much.

Clips and Hair Scarves - Fashion Trend and Trending Hair Style in One

One enjoyable new trend is to use clips and hair scarves in your hair when styling. There are a lot of different ways to do this. It's a good way to keep your hair our of your face and off of your neck during the heat.

Hair clips and bows are fun to pull back your hair or bangs and add an accessory to your outfit. You can either part your hair in the middle and put a matching hair clip on each side, or put more of a statement hair clip on one side with your hair parted on the side. Cute hairstyles with bows and clips are really in right now so enjoy adding those little pops of color and bling to your look.

Hair scarves can add a cute flair to your look with just tying it around your ponytail or bun, tying it up like a headband or wrapping it up into your hair with your bun. It adds such a fun pop of color or pattern to your hair.

Curls Rule in The Heat

What about the girls with the big curls or frizzy hairstyles? Summer is the time to let those curls reign! Using a beach wave product is a great way to help with frizz and keep your curls looking fabulous.

Another important rule of thumb for curly hair is to get the right haircut. When you discuss with your stylist your cut preferences, let them know that you're going to be allowing your hair show off its natural curl and wave this summer. They will have some specific ways to help create the perfect cut for curly hair.

Where to Get These Looks in Dallas, TX

When it comes to summer hair looks, Johnny Rodriguez, The Salon can take care of all your cut and color this season. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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