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Get Your Hair Holiday Ready

The holiday season is upon us, meaning your calendar is filling up with parties and gatherings. From black-tie affairs to office parties to nights out with your friends, you no doubt have a wide range of great outfits that call for equally stunning coordinating hairstyles. During this busy season, people are snapping photos nonstop, so you want to be sure to look your best at all times. Here are some ideas for how you can get your hair holiday-ready.

Treat Your Tresses

The first step is to make sure that your hair is in a good place since healthy hair radiates beauty and self-confidence. Be sure that your hair is nourished and that the ends are healthy. Whether you try out a new hairstyle or just want a trim to maintain the shape you are currently happy with, pay a visit to the salon to get a cut at this time. If necessary, treat yourself to a split end treatment to repair damage and prevent future breakage. To make your hair shiny and luscious-looking, indulge in a deep conditioning treatment to infuse your hair with moisture.

Consider Your Color

Along with that cut, it is probably time for a dye job to keep your hair color vibrant. Winter days justify a deeper, richer color than you might wear in the summer, so now is the time to try out that slightly darker hue you may have always wanted. Of course, color techniques like ombre, balayage and baby lights are always in fashion, especially because they often look their best when you showcase them through styles that have tendrils escaping around the face. And, consider getting a gloss for your locks so your shine is apparent in any one of those photos.

Book Your Blowout

Many women rely on regular blowouts to keep their hair looking polished for several days at a time. A long-lasting blowout done by a professional is more than an indulgence; it can be quite time saving, which is vital at this busy time. And remember – since it is the holiday season, you may want to book several blowouts at once. Just look over your calendar to see when you want to look your best. Talk to your stylist beforehand about whether you want a modern, straight style, or whether you want more classic, bouncy tresses to match that retro dress you are wearing to a holiday cocktail party.

Contemplate Some Keratin

If your hair can be out of control or is frizzier than you like, it may be time for a keratin treatment. This procedure frees up your time since thereafter your blow-drying takes a fraction of the time it did before. Plus, it leaves you with lovely, smooth locks that can go from day to night, work to a holiday party. Since a keratin treatment seals your cuticles, it helps extend how long your color lasts, too.

Select Your Style

First, decide what is appropriate for the occasion. Your office party may call for a slightly more restrained hairstyle than the swank black-tie New Year’s Eve affair you have been invited to, and drinks out with the ladies at a trendy new spot may inspire you to try a new ‘do, also. Play around with different styles until you settle on the perfect look for that specific occasion, from:

  • Braids such as fishtail or classic

  • Topknot buns with escaping tendrils

  • Half-up, half-down styles finished with a glittery clip

  • Ponytails that are high or messy

Contact Johnny Rodriguez The Salon Today

When you want your hair to look its best, head to Johnny Rodriguez so you can place your hair in the hands of the best professionals around. Customers love our Dallas and Legacy West (Plano) locations for the pampering, knowledge and finished product that our stylists provide. We can help make your hair shiny, keep your color vibrant, and give you that long-lasting blowout that gets you through several parties. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

Image Credit: Shutterstock By Roman Samborskyi

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