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Six Ways To Wear Extensions for Different Hairstyles

Why spend time wondering what it would be like to have the long, luxurious hair that you want when there is an easy way to get it. Visit Johnny Rodriguez the Salon to learn the many ways that hair extensions can give you the look you desire. For extensions to look natural and cohesively blend in with your hair, it is essential to consult a creative and experienced stylist regarding your options. He or she will skillfully attach the appropriate extensions, showing you the different ways to style them. Here are some examples of the various looks you can flaunt with your hair extensions:

1. Luscious Length

To accomplish a va-va-voom look with hair extensions, apply mousse to your hair before blowing it out. Then, use a curling iron or wand to create soft waves. Depending on whether you keep the curls symmetrical or vary the placement of the wand, this look can end up either luscious and glamorous or pretty and beachy.

2. Flirty Braids

With the help of extensions, your hair will no longer be too thin to put different kinds of braids in. Instead, your hair will have the extra thickness that it needs to pull off any type of braid you choose, whether it be a fishtail, rope, waterfall, or halo braid.

3. Pouting Ponytail

Just like with braids, creating the perfect high ponytail requires a certain amount of hair to perfectly pull off. With professionally applied extensions, your admirers will not be able to tell that your luscious pony is not your own. Be sure to brush enough before securing your hair up high so your style will be perfectly sleek.

4. Messy Buns

Hair extensions give you the ideal amount of hair for a perfectly constructed voluminous, messy bun. Simply gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with a band, then pile your hair up high, pulling it through the band to secure. With the added volume and length, you can pull a couple strands of hair out on each side to perfect the finished messy look.

5. Professional Low Bun

A professional low bun is an easy option for a more serious and chic look. To create this style, make a low side part and then brush the hair into a sleek low ponytail. Carefully wind the ponytail into a twist or knot and fasten it at the nape of your neck with bobby pins.

6. Half Up Half Down

To make your extensions last, you want to take the best possible care of them―including days of rest from heat styling. A half up half down look is perfect a day or two after curling your hair as a bit of relaxation in the waves makes them look effortless and dreamy. To create this look, make a horizontal part from ear to ear, then take the top level of hair up into a small ponytail and secure it with a band. Then fluff out the hair below to complete the look.

Hair Extensions at Johnny Rodriguez the Salon

If you are ready for your hair to be at its most beautiful, contact Johnny Rodriguez the Salon to schedule an appointment for your new hair extensions today. The creative and experienced team at our Legacy West and Dallas locations will help with all of your hair needs, including cut, color, and various styling questions.
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