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What Is Keratin and Why Is It So Important for Your Hair?

You may be familiar with Keratin as a specific kind of protein that builds your skin, hair, and nails. Keratin is one of the body’s protectors as it doesn’t tear or scratch as easily as other cells. Many people believe that taking Keratin supplements or getting Keratin hair treatments can keep your locks healthier and stronger. After all, Keratin makes up the building blocks of the strands in their natural state.

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment?

A Keratin treatment is semi-permanent and lasts up to five months. While it’s an appealing option for anyone who wants smoother, more manageable hair, if you have curly, coarse, or unruly tresses, you may find a Keratin treatment to be a godsend. Those who believe in Keratin treatments report that their hair is smoother and easier to style with less frizz. Treating your hair with Keratin takes different forms. The most effective is the one you get in a salon. This is an intensive, multi-step process that takes time. A third way to infuse your hair with Keratin is through the use of supplements. You can get these at most health food stores in powder or pill form. Be cautious however because overuse of Keratin supplements can cause a buildup of too much protein in your body.

Keratin Hair Treatment Near Me

If you’d like to know more about Keratin hair treatments and how they might help you manage your tresses, contact Johnny Rodriguez The Salon. We’ll be glad to help you with this, a new cut or color, and any other needs you may have for your hair.
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