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What You Should Do With Your Hair This Fall

Summer has come to an end, and while we are missing the longer, lazier days, we are also mourning our pre-summer healthy locks. Chlorine and sun wreak havoc on our hair, so if you are like most people, your tresses are in dire need of some TLC. Now is the time to trim those damaged ends and check out all of the fall haircut styles for women before deciding upon your new look. If you need help choosing a haircut, the highly acclaimed Johnny Rodriguez the SalonTM hair salon in Dallas, TX, has some tips for what you should do with your hair this fall.

Behold the Blunt Bob

A cute blunt bob is a go-to haircut for this season since it works well as both a professional and fun look. Best of all, cutting your hair into this sleek style gets rid of the damaged lower inches of your hair, giving you fresh and healthy ends. Talk to your stylist about whether you want to go above the chin or just below, based upon the shape of your face and texture of your hair. This look helps show off fall necklaces, scarves, and your beautiful collarbones, too.

Love Some Lengthy Layers 

True Texan women love long, luscious locks. Update them for fall by asking your stylist to cut in some lengthy layers so you can get that volume that is in your regional DNA. Then, decide whether you want a wavy, sleek, or more coiffed blowout before leaving the salon. Once you have this starting point, it is easy at home to control the amount of body on your head with products such as volumizer or mousse so you can really turn it up when you want. Choosing a haircut is easy when there is one such as this that works with all different hair types.

Beg for Bold Bangs

Bangs are back in town, and whether they are side-swept, blunt, or choppy, women are rocking them all over the place. This is one of the most popular haircut styles for women because cut correctly, they can transform the shape of your face, create volume, and camouflage wrinkles that may be appearing on your forehead. Your trusted hairstylist at Johnny Rodriguez the SalonTM can advise as to what bangs would work best for you, whether your hair is long or short, fine or coarse.

Practice Makes Pretty Perfect

As much as every woman would love a never-ending series of blowouts so she can have just-left-the-salon hair all the time, it is important to have a few go-to ways to do your hair for when you do not have time to get your professional fix. One of the cutest fall hairstyles is the twisted bun, and all you need is a hair elastic and some hairpins. Smooth your hair and gather into a high, medium, or low ponytail, then twist a section at a time before securing with the pins. Work to find the shape you like, whether smooth and swirled or big and bumpy. This style works best when your hair is in good shape, so be sure that you are up-to-date on any hair treatments like Color Lock & Smooth or Split End Correction.

Visit Johnny Rodriguez the SalonTM

Whether you need a cut, color, style, or treatment, schedule an appointment with Johnny Rodriguez the SalonTM today. Our friendly, professional staff has expertise in the latest Fall 2019 hair trends and is here to discuss all of your styling needs with you. We can help erase summer damage and give you luscious locks. For the best hair salon in Dallas, TX, come see us at one of our two locations in Dallas and Legacy West in Plano.

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