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When DIY Goes Wrong: Color Correction to the Rescue

We’ve all tried it once or twice in our lives. We’re short on cash or don’t have time so we decide on a whim to color our own hair. The problem is it doesn’t always go as planned. When you experience a DIY hair color disaster, color correction is a necessity.

Hair Color Gone Wrong

It’s always your best bet to have a professional colorist do your hair color because of some common mistakes people make when doing it themselves. Temporary hair color DIY goes wrong when:
  • You think the color on the box is the color you’ll end up with.
  • You lather the color over your whole head for the entire processing time.
  • You don’t treat your hair properly after coloring.

DIY vs. Professional Hair Salon

When you compare a professional hair salon to your DIY method, you’ll notice some real differences. At a hair salon, the professionals know:
  • The color you end up with depends on the different tones already in your hair. Natural color and previously treated hair color will affect the outcome of your dye.
  • Processing time is different for different sections of your hair. The roots will need a longer time to process than the ends.
  • You need to properly treat your hair with sulfate-free hair products and cooler water when you shampoo. You may also need to return to the salon a few weeks later for a base break.

How to Color Correct Hair

The best way to color correct your hair is to get in touch with our professional colorists. We have seen it all and know how to fix your DIY hair color gone wrong. Corrective coloring is hardly ever a quick fix. You may be in the salon for a longer period of time and could come back for a second appointment. We recommend a consultation before your appointment so we can see how your hair reacts to a couple of different corrective products. After seeing the results, we can decide together which product will be best to correct the color while keeping in line with the health of your hair. There are some products we can use that don’t involve bleach, but depending on the damage and color outcome, we may have to resort to bleach.

Contact a Hair Color Professional

If you made the decision to color your own hair and need a color correction from the professionals, contact Johnny Rodriguez The Salon. We also do hair extensions, cuts, styling and much more. Visit us in Legacy West or Dallas today.
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